You try and break in the frontdoor

You need the information now damnit, you haven't got the time to waste searching around for another entrance or waiting for the shop owner. You give a quick glance around to make sure no-one is watching and huddle close against the door.

Pulling out some lockpicks, you begin to a have a go at the lock, hoping you'll look like someone fumbling with their keys. However, on fiddling with the lock, the door slides open without any effort. This doesn't bode well.

You push to door open slightly and look into the store. It's dark, not much light gets into the door through the front windows due to all the computer equipment on display there and the lights are off. In the light cast from the doorway, you can make out a plain manilla envelope set on the counter.

You could still go in and check the place out, but this seems a little weird. Time is of the essence though and so maybe it would be best to put paranoia aside for one second and just go get the stuff you need. You chew your bottom lip in frustration. Nothing is ever easy.

Leaning into the doorway to get a better look before making your decision, you catch a glimpse of something, light reflecting off
a shiny object, your eyes hunt for it before finally spotting something. Your blood runs cold. To the right of the counter, you see a hand poking out from behind it, the light from the doorway glinting off of a shiny wedding ring on it.

You think about just walking away but then the store's phone suddenly starts ringing, it's an old style rotary phone, cute, you can see the handset vibrate against it's cradle where the phone is sat on the counter next to the envelope.

The persistent ringing seems to resonate with your sense of morals, you can't just walk away, you have to do something, there is a guy, possibly dead or injured lying here. Damn it. This is turning out to be one of those days.

The End

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