Head to the computer store

Screw it, this Inferno character can wait. A few minutes wont matter if you can come to the table with some serious leverage.

You pull on a grey overall, a kind of generic piece of clothing people immediately assume is some kind of uniform and attach the fake identity card before heading over to the shop.

The shop is in the middle of the city but luckily, traffic isn't too bad and you get there with plenty of time to spare. Unfortunately, it looks like your journey might have been wasted.

On the door of the shop hangs a sign. "Back in half an hour" it says. That puts you way over the meetup time. You could just pick the lock, let yourself in, but the street is busy with the general hustle and bustle of city life and someone would be bound to notice, not to mention the security systems. Damn it!

You look around and notice a sidealley, probably where delivers get dropped off. There might be another less conspicuous entrance down there or perhaps some dumpters to dive for some info. Of course, you could just wait around until the owner comes back, maybe you'll get lucky, that sign could have been put up 20 minutes ago.

That L&C job is turning out to be a real nightmare.

The End

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