You try and track this Inferno on the net hoping she/he's another hacker.

Inferno. Not much to go on, but you've had less and still found what you need. As any hacker knows, information is the game and you know how to get it.

First of all, you check the printout for fingerprints. In this game, it pays to be paranoid and you've got a full compliment of kit like this, all the better to make sure people haven't snuck into your place and tampered with your rig. It's laborious work, but you get through every page and find nothing. Damn, this Inferno isn't a noob, but then again you already knew that. Someone had to be good to get those logs. In fact, they had to be in the system at the same time you were.

That's it! That's how you nail this creep. To log on to the various boards and groups that your kind frequent, looking for anyone called Inferno or something similar interested in the servers at L&C's. There's a couple, but nothing that jumps out at you. Frustrated, you knock up a quick search bot to scan the news nets for things matching your criteria and get back to examining the print out. An idea comes to you, but surely, surely they couldn't have been so stupid?

You take your blue LED flash light from your desk and hold it up to the print out and there it is. You almost burst out laughing when you see the little dots on the pages, black under the light of the flash light.

Inferno used a Xerox DocuColor, a printer known for printing a hidden series of tracking dots on its pages that encode the serial number of the machine and time and date of the printing. If you can find out who owns this particular printer, you'll have them!

You've only got one thing left to check, the actual document, but that could take hours. What if these logs are fake? Sure, at first glance they look real, and there are things you recognise from it, but it could be an elaborate ruse. It could take hours to verify it's authenticity though and time is of the essence here.

The End

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