The news bulliton on your computer is particularly satisfying to read this morning. Satisfying for at least two reasons. The first of these is that another group of lieing corporates have finally got what's coming to them. The second is that this is all the proof you need to know that you're going to get paid. You smile inwardly reading the text out to yourself.

 "L&C technologies took a massive hit today when an unknown individual broke into their main server and erased several key files.

 The files contained the names of all the customers on L&C's database along with account details and personal information.

 When questioned a statement was released stating that the company refused to make comment at this time but that the proper authorities had been alerted and that everything was being done to apprehend the individual or individuals responsible."

 As you sit chuckling to yourself your email icon blinks. You open the expected annonymous message and are pleased by your clients hasty response.

 "I have seen todays broadcast. Thankyou for your time the £10,000 has been wired to your account as promised. We will be in touch."

 You are still celebrating as your letterbox opens and bangs closed pulling you from your reveries. A brown paper parcel has landed on your doorstep.

 You open the package while walking back to your office but stop in horror to see that what you are holding are printouts of log files that you were sure you'd deleted, enough evidence to put you away for quite some time. There is also a note which reads.

 "I know who you are and what you've done. You work for me now or you never work again. Meet me at East Street Diner at noon for your first assignment. Come alone or you'll find the police, if you don't show the police will find you. I suggest you are prompt.


 Your morning and your celebrations ruined you think hard about your next move.


The End

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