Leaving dayMature

Chapter 3

Time flew, before we even knew it, it was time for us to pack, say our goodbyes and catch our flight. A teary goodbye at the airport is something we love. Because at that very moment you realize why it’s important for you to come back home.

I hugged my mum and dad, I could see my friends hugging there’s from the corner of my eye. After getting the usual warning we parted our embrace. Ok time for Rushab. I dint care at that particular time my parents were standing and looking at me, I hugged him tightly at first, then fiercely. Kissed him right there on the lips. Wow going away for long time makes a person pretty gutsy and mushy.

“I will try coming there soon ok” Rushab told me in a convincing tone.

I knew he would be able to come, one of the perks when it comes to heading your own business.

“I know you will, I will be waiting, come soon” too mushy?

I dint feel like letting go, I had a decision to make right there and then, miss the flight or be with Rushab. Phew! Tough decision. I can’t afford to miss the flight, literally speaking, who ever said the tickets were cheap.


The minute we went thru the security check, our already grown excitement grew some more. Our adventure had begun. We dint know what will be awaiting us when we reach there, excitement for the unknown excited us even more.

It was going to be a long flight, around 28 hours with 2 stop over’s. Dubai- New York- Hawaii. Thankfully we were traveling business, we can’t compromise on comfort. 

Nicely tucked in, a glass of wine and a hunk by our side. Sweet victory. Ok well not a hunk literally by our side, just a few seats away from us. Jewels couldn’t stop staring, we had to hold her by her waist, arms and hair to keep her in her seat, it had not even been 20 minutes since take off, and it’s advisable to wait at least an hour before going and making your play. Can’t seem too desperate. Goes against everything we preach for.


Jewels finally got her wish, we let her go but only after a whole hour. Right now she is happily sitting next to him. If there was a law against flirting she would be put behind bars for “outrageous flirting”. Its because we know her so well, we know that she’s really working it, and the poor guy is putty in her hands, she has invented the book on flirting, written it, by hearted the fine points and is using them in full force.

Ruby was giving her the dirty look time and again which Jewels was happily ignoring.

“I am amazed, when it comes to men, Jewel is the smartest, but when it comes to using her brain other wise, she’s the dumbest. How does this equation work?” Ruby asked obviously confused.

I thought for a minute “she saves her smartness for times like this, doesn’t like using her brains too much” I was pretty satisfied with my answer, but NO Appy had to go right ahead and spoil it with just 2 words.

“Seen Paris?” and she wasn’t talking about the city.


I dozed off, wine works wonder’s high in the sky. I was rudely awakened thanks to my nature call. I hate going and peeing in flights. I don’t know, but I feel very closed down, it’s a weird feeling that goes thru me, I ignore it usually when it’s a short flight, but this time I couldn’t afford to ignore my call.

I was sitting at the window seat, had to cross over Ruby’s legs as she was sleeping peacefully. Because she is tall her legs proved to be a hindrance. I wish I had taken aerobics in school, well I thought sadly too late to dwell over my mistake. I am not very flexible when it comes to anything that I need to do with my body. I cant co-ordinate with any part of my body well, it’s like each part of my body has a mind of its own. Trust me people that’s not a boon. Taking deep breath’s doesn’t help either, I was already on the count of 1000, so don’t let anyone tell you otherwise! Ok here goes I thought, I looked around, making sure if any embarrassing situation arises, the only person who will be aware of it will be ME.

Somehow destiny was not on my side, I fell in the most embarrassing position possible. Thankfully I was not wearing a skirt, if I were it would have ridden up my face, and the only reason I am explaining the skirt factor to you all is, if god isn’t kind to you in the “falling any where factor” please don’t wear a skirt cause you don’t want it ridding up you. To top it all off, this cutest guy decided to walk in the very same minute when I was busy finding my hands and legs. Even he must be thinking, how on earth is it possible to fall in such a manner? As soon as I can manage to unwind myself I shall explain the situation to him.

“Do you need any help?” he asked.

Ok hello Mr. what a question to ask me, can’t you see I am in dire need of help. Thank you very much Mr. observant.

“Oh yeah that will be great, can you hand over my leg to me?” I managed to ask as sweetly as possible

Ok he was smart, I must give it to him, he grasped my sarcasm and started to find my leg. Cheeky I know.

He put me back in one peace. Just what I need. A cute guy and an embarrassing situation. Great!

“Thanks” I smiled up at him, whoa he was tall and hot! Ok where did that come from? Beats me.

“Your welcome, I am glad that I am not the only one who finds situations like these. There is justice in this world after all” his smile was as nice as his voice and the rest of him.

How did I ever miss him on this flight, oh yeah I have a boy friend back home. Don’t you just hate it when your conscience kicks in at the worst times possible?

“I am Styler” he said holding out his hand

“And I need to go to the loo” there is no way I am shaking his hand

“Ok, I dint ask you where you need to go, probably you have a name, which I would like to hear, or your scared of my hand?”

Was he laughing at me? His face dint suggest it but his way of saying it showed the fact that he was laughing at me, only because I fell and he picked me up doesn’t mean that he has the right to laugh at me only because I refuse to shake his hand.

“Or maybe, just maybe has it dawned to you yet, that I don’t want to tell you my name for the sole reason because I don’t want to have a conversation with you”

After a second he said “or has it dawned to you yet that I don’t want to pursue a conversation with you either, I asked your name just because next time I hear a thud, I would know who it came from”

“And how’s that going to help” I asked sarcastically

“Oh I don’t know, when I hear it I would know how it’s going to help”

“Your theory doesn’t seem to make any sense, either the alcohol has gotten to your senses or you are just trying to cover up your embarrassing situation”

“Sweetheart the only person who needs to cover up anything is you” he finished the sentence by looking down my top

What the hell!! Isn’t staring a crime, I looked down, double looked down. Wopse daisy, my top’s button were undone, thankfully I was wearing a very spectacular looking bra, the only saving grace in this whole situation.

“And you couldn’t have told me this earlier, what kind of a gentleman are you?” anger rising.

“I was a perfect enough gentleman who offered you my help, introduced myself, the only person who was un-lady like in this whole situation was you” he seemed so sure of himself. Where is liquid when you need it. Ok fine I accept. I watch a lot of Hindi movies, where at this exact moment the heroine will be seen throwing whatever was there in her glass on the hero’s face. I want to try that too!!! I missed my perfect opportunity.

Thanks to this whole conversation I totally forgot my need to use the loo ASAP. I don’t need distractions at this point of my life.

“I am going to ignore you now, I have more pressing matters at hand” very good Fruity, this sentence should send him back from wherever he came from, which was 2 seats behind me. He dissed me, he ignored what I had to say and went back to his seat, and well at least I put him right back to the place he originated from. But why wasn’t this making me feel better?

I was still thinking about this while I was doing what I had to do in the loo, I was thinking about it on my way back, I thought bout it when I saw him sleeping peacefully, and I will continue to think about it  till the time my mind refuses to think any more. Soon I hope. I don’t like working my brains too much. “Rest it for long and use it when your looks are gone”.


I had done everything possible to entertain myself except waking up Ruby. There was no point in doing it either, once she sleeps she can’t be woken up. No point. None. Nada. Zip. Zero. 

Once we were on our way to London, after having her usual glass of wine, Ruby slept off peacefully, this time we were traveling economy because business was full. Anyway we ended up getting separate seats, Ruby was right in the front, in the middle of the night, I woke up with a jolt because there was a lot of turbulence. Everyone was scared, awake and screaming slightly. I was scared myself, and more so because we all were alone in our individual seats. It took about 20 minutes before everything settled back to normal, as soon as I could manage to get off my seat we seeked each other out, the only person missing was Ruby, panicked we made our way to her seat, guess this, she slept thru the whole turbulence, not opened her eyes, there was a baby crying next to her, she still dint get up. The next day we told her about it, she was shocked to be alive but glad she dint wake up.

There are lot of stories about Ruby and her sleep, which if the moment and the time is right I will write about it. I entertained myself with weird thoughts and notions running thru my head, Ruby’s was toping my list. I still couldn’t figure out the reason as to why was I the only person who couldn’t sleep? I don’t like missing out on anything that everyone is doing.

I watched a movie. And then watched another. Then a thought struck me, I wasn’t a virgin any more, yippee!! But I still haven’t broken the news to my friends, I am the first one to loose it, WOW. Huge task and responsibility on my head, because I will be the one dictating them thru this. Ok the minute we land I will break the news. Satisfied with my decision and great now I had nothing else to think about. This was getting too much. I looked diagonally across my seat, saw Appy sleeping, the worse with head phones on her ear, so I couldn’t lightly call her, nor could I go there personally and wake her up, dint want to create another embarrassing situation for me and my boobs. Oh shizer, just what I dint want to think about, no no no not my boob’s, Styler!! I have managed to come to this conclusion that some how, some where thru some open vent Styler managed to creep into my thoughts. Time for some damage control. My to-do list-

1- Find the vent ASAP

2-close the vent ASAP (code word ASAP)

I mentally make my list’s, I feel if I write it down I might end up forgetting about it but because I fear that if it stays in my head for too long it will eventually forget itself, to stop that from happening I make sure I do it before it disappears.


At last sleeping beauty woke up to greet us all with her presence. Ruby defines sleep. Once upon a time I wanted to enlist Ruby in the guniesse book of world records-the person who will manage to sleep thru an explosion.

“Welcome back to the world, thank you for gracing us with your presence” I said, hoping she catches the dry humor, but knowing Ruby she would take it as a compliment, and sincerely thank herself for the good deed.

She gave a trillion dollar smile “oh anytime, I figured the world was lacking my warmth when I slept, you know me, I am big on charity”

Oh really, have you ever even stepped into the orphanage, or donated a single Rupee in the name of charity? A big flat NO. You can’t fool me missy.

“Lets get something to eat, I can’t afford to loose any more weight” she said while pressing the bell

Well that’s true I thought, Ruby is blessed with a high metabolic rate, so high that if she takes stress she looses weight. That’s the reason she refuses to stress herself out. Unlike us she still won’t eat anything un-healthy, temptation is there that’s why meditation is way up high on her list. And then there is the other kind “us”. We binge on the word “eat”.


We tried to look for Jewels, so we all could put our heels together, decide and order. We love doing that, we look forward for these days, because we don’t get this privilege back home. None of us cook, so we don’t have anything to choose from. We have a very make-do kind of a situation. If one of us ends up cribbing about the food, we have another option “nothing”. Yeah well we learnt this the hard way.

Wokay Jewel is missing, somehow the hunk is also missing. We tried not to think about where and what was she doing. So we put all the numbers together and came up with the answer. Hmmmmm at least one of us is having a good time.

So we ordered. Couldn’t wait, our stomach decided for us. We called for something low fat, healthy and after eating it yummmmmy. And that’s when Jewel decided to make an appearance and miracousley she came to us. Were we grateful or what? True friends after all. She’s all excited, we prepared ourselves for the worst.

“Guess what!!!!!” she gushed

We are waiting…..waiting some more…..still waiting…ok this is getting too much, can she please take of that stupid look from her face and just tell us WHAT. Was she waiting for a response from us? Oh she is…Ok wait here goes…

“What????” I said all excited.

She looked at me, this was the password for her to carry on. Great, earth to all of us

“He is also going to Hawaii, how amazingly great is that, totally mind-glowingly great, I am in love!!!” it was becoming difficult for her to keep her voice low because of the excitement. Which was good because it was too early for the guy to hear the love part, if he does hear it he might get off at New York itself. We can’t have that.

“What’s his name?” Appy asked, she was the only one who looked genuinely happy. What!!! Weren’t the 2 of also doing a good job at masking our genuinality? I am guessing NOT, Jewel looked so happy after hearing Appy’s question, that she totally gave us the “bad look”, ignored us and carried on.

“John Mathew the 3rd” she said the name as if he was some kind of royalty. Ok fears confirmed

“He’s the duke of Finland or wait did he say France?” Jewel looked very confused, and shattered at the same time.

“Uh Jewels you don’t have to look so shattered like you have committed some kind of a crime, just ask him, simple” I said

“Oh I can’t Fruits” she cried out “he was talking about his country for 2 whole hours, I can’t turn around and ask him, and the country is…” she is on the verge of crying, beware I thought, her tears are deadly

“Jewels don’t cry, what were you doing for those 2 hours while he was talking?” Appy asked, also looking on the verge of crying

Ok I am worried, are Ruby and I the only un-emotional fools? How come we dint feel like crying in this situation? I looked over at Ruby and saw she was thinking the same.

“Oh Apps” she wailed and then carried on “I was looking at the way his jaw muscle was flexing while he was talking. It was a huge distraction, plus to add the cologne that he was wearing, was mixing with my senses and churning in my brains” she sniffed.

Hahah… ok can’t laugh out loud...Wopsie, my expression might have suggested so, I got the dirtiest look possible from Jewel, if looks could kill eh.

“It’s not the end of the world” after a while I realized, wrong sentence. I was ignored for the 2nd time in this journey. I can get used to it.

Something made me turn back, as soon as I did, I realized what that “something” was, Styler’s amused expression was burning my back, ok time for my  dirty look. But I don’t know did I do it right because his expression if it’s possible seemed to worsen in the amusement department. I turned back, pretty irritated, he was seeming to enjoy himself on our behalf, not fair, he wasn’t paying us for entertaining him.

Announcement- we were about to stop at New York for 2 hour’s.

Great, long wait which we were going to be spending at the air-port. Oh well, we will do some shopping, perfect time for our lubrication and then probably get the famous NY’s bagel. Good plan.

The End

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