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Chapter 2

Today is boyfriend day. I had still not broken the news to him about our big plan. I knew I was going to miss him once I leave, that’s why I was stalling. But I also knew, I had to go, this was our calling however stupid this might sound, but we knew it in our hearts. We needed to do it.


“So when are you leaving?” Rushab asked, more calmly than I could even imagine.

What!!! I thought. This is the reaction I get when I tell the love of my life I am leaving for 3 months. Where are the tears I imagined? I even carried tissues.

“Hmm yeah, so you ok with the whole thing?” ok wait, anger building

“Yeah why wouldn’t I be babe, you need to do this for yourself, I will miss you like crazy but I get it, I might even come down and visit you if work permits”

I looked at his smiling face and thought about the perfect way to kill him right now, I would have scremt if I dint have that small embarrassment problem. But what the hell!! Is he having an affair?

“Are you having an affair?” anger was pouring out of my sweat pores

Rushab looked at me all funny and then finally when he realized I was serious he said “no”

“I get a NO after spending a year with you”

“Would you have been pleased if you would have heard a yes?”

I could see Rushab was trying not to laugh at me and that ass managed to look confused at the same time. I was fuming. Call 100.

“well Rush darling, if you are having an affair I can accept the fact that you are all calm about my leaving, but if u are not having an affair I am not going to accept that you aren’t crying and begging me to stay” smiling very sweetly at him, but my eyes shooting daggers.

“I am being supportive about you leaving honey, I love you, not now or ever can I even think of having an affair, I have still not looked beyond your lovable heels, I got the whole of you left”

Nah I am not buying it. 5 whole minutes and I hadn’t said a word, for the first time this whole evening I saw Rush looking worried. Wow if only he could have managed this expression before, we would have been having that teary parting I had imagined. He ruined it.

“Ok I think you are pissed”

Pissed! The biggest under-statement of the century.

“You want a chocolate brownie?”

Oh man he knew my weakness, but I wouldn’t give in. if I give in now what stories am I going to tell my children or my grandchildren, that my boyfriend dint even shed a tear when I was leaving him for 3 months to go and stay on a land full of hunks. Hell I got a reputation to uphold. Browne won’t work. No way! Nada! Zip


10 minutes later I was relishing that brownie but I still hadn’t uttered a word. Boy I was starting to worry myself now. I couldn’t see a tear forming up but I dint want to ruin the last of our days fighting, guilt trip would be better, ok here goes.

“well Rush baby” I could see he was shocked that I had spoken, my voice sounded so beautiful to my ears “there is no point in fighting, I cant control your reactions, I was so very sad of leaving you I thought that I might get the same reaction from you, the fact that I dint, it shocked me but now as you can see I am over it, brownie helped so I am going to be as mature about it as you are”

Wow I sounded good mature, I should try it more often.

And that’s when I felt it, forming in my eyes, a freaking genuine tear. I can shock myself sometimes eh.

“aww don’t cry baby, I love you, 3 months will pass and you will be back, it doesn’t matter where in the world we are, it’s the fact that our love exists, that’s going to keep us together. It’s a hold, deeper than anything”

It was then I looked up at him, that was the moment to remember, I forgot where we were, who was looking, I kissed him, the way I had never kissed him before and I knew what I felt for him was true, truer than the holy water, and that’s when it dawned to me, I can cross the threshold of pain, I will take my chances, I will loose my virginity with this guy only and today before I leave.


He started to remove my heels

“No leave it”

He burst out laughing “you want to do it with your heels on”

“Yeah why not, I am trying something new for the first time, let my heels also enjoy the experience”

Rush chuckled, man I am going to miss that sound. Ok time to stop talking to myself.

“Alright sweetheart, whatever you say”

“Are you sure you know what to do, I mean you lost touch with reality once you met me” I asked him sarcastically

“I wouldn’t disappoint if that’s what you are asking”


Ok well he dint disappoint me, that was a given. But boy was I right about the hurt. So at least I lost my virginity, I felt like a different women already. Lying in his arms felt perfect, I looked over at him, shyly at first, and then looked. He was snoring!!

He woke up with a pillow hitting his face

“But babe I only slept of for 10 minutes”

“10 minutes, I was awake and looking at you for more than 45 minutes” I am boiling at the moment. Cook him.

“You blow everything out of proportion”

“Oh I dint hear you complaining an hour back your shameless freak” boy I was loud

“Oh god you are sick”

“Yeah sick enough to have slept with you, and lost my precious virginity” looking away I started concentrating on the love birds out side his window, at least one of us is having a lovable time.

“So what I slept of, I was tired babe, which is a direct complement to you” playfully Rushab tried to come nearer.

He is so cute when he does that, I had to remind myself, I am pissed!
“I don’t see it as a complement, more like an insult”

“Are you hungry?”

Good question, I was starving. God my tummy never supports me during my fights, well can’t ignore my hunger pangs, mechanism comes first.


While I was feeding my tummy, I heard my phone singing. Rush was sweet enough to get it for me, he was looking out for my soreness. I know. He’s lovable.


I flipped my phone open, I loved doing it, makes me feel important in a very twisted way somehow.

“Ok so we are booked for next month” Jewels said, evidently excited

“So long?”

“Yeah well be happy, I got us cheap tickets”

“Fine, good going Jewels. I will see you when I see you then”

“And when’s that?”

“I don’t know Jewels, I am in the middle of something here, let me call you back”

“Middle of what?”

Jewels was never good at getting the hint.

“Eating” and I shut the phone.

 I dint want to share my secret as of now with anyone, thou I am not lying, cause right now I am eating, its what I did before and what I will be doing after which counts. Smiling wickedly to myself.

“Want to share the joke?” Rushab asked interested

“Oh you will know very soon what I was smiling about, patience is a virtue”

Coming around me Rushab put his arms around me, god I loved it when he does that.

“So what was Jewel saying?”

“Nothing, we got our tickets for next month”

“Have you gotten everything settled there?”

“Nope not a thing, we are hoping to get jobs at the clubs on the beach”

“Are you sure you want to do that?”

I could hear the displeasure in his voice, I turned around to face him

“And why wouldn’t I be sure?” don’t get angry I reminded myself, I have exhausted my limit.

“Don’t you think it’s a little low grade?”

“Rushab how dare you insult work, work pays, pay is money, money is not supposed to be insulted”

“I am not insulting money love, I am insulting the job”

“Dint you hear the connection, you can’t insult, period” I think I got place for another fight, my tummy seems to be agreeing with me, full and satisfied.

“I think its degrading to be working as a waitress, I don’t want my girlfriend to be a waitress for god sakes”

“Well no one will no I am Mr. Rushabs girlfriend out there, you don’t have to worry that pretty little head of yours”

“Suit yourself, when you get lewd remarks thrown at you, don’t come crying to me”

“I know how to take care of myself, thank you very much”


Saying this as gracefully as I could manage, I walked out of the room. Grace under pressure, mark’s the person’s character, and I happen to be very big on the character issue.


I reached my flat, very tired but still angry. Oh just what I needed, Jewels lunging around the hall

“Hey I thought you were going to be late?”

“Yeah even I thought that, but guess what” I started to move away

“What, what, what, tell me?”

“Oh god Jewels get the statement” I dint want to take out my frustration on her, but she can be so dense at times

“What statement?” Jewels said looking all confused

Dense at times!!!! Forget it, she’s dense, she’s made up of dense particles, it’s all running in her head and her body survives on being DENSE.

Hearing my irritated tone Ruby walks in the room, what’s the point in eavesdropping right?

“Give it a rest Jewels, cant you see Fruits is covered in frustration”

Ok I take back what I said, the only sane girl is Ruby, I could have kissed her right now, the fear of her striking me held me back. She has this weird thing if she’s hugged or even kissed on the cheek. Yeah that will pollute her right, geez weird!!

“Thanks Rubes, and while you are at the Good Samaritan syndrome, can you please make me a sandwich?” I asked her, stretching my luck, because you see, Ruby doesn’t make anything that she can’t eat herself, stay away from the temptation.

“Oh I would have loved to, but I got a date with my feet” all smiling.

Oh wow she’s so funny, I thought sarcastically. When I am lazy, everything will have to wait, that includes my hunger as well, something I learnt the hard way.


Where are you I thought to myself, all sad

And no I am not asking about Rushab, he could be inside the garbage can for all I care, I am sad about my scarf, which I love so much, I couldn’t find it, its always in my purse. Why cant something I put in my purse, stay in my purse. How difficult is it for not to get lost? Should I send out a search party NOW, or wait for 24 hours, isn’t that the procedure? I wish I had paid more attention when I was being taught the basic working of the police station. Where is HELP when I need it, I am so vulnerable at times.

After a while of getting depressed, saying sorry to my scarf, I heard a knock on my door. Wow that’s weird. We have an “open door policy”. If it’s close, open it.

“Who’s it?” I asked a little scared. If someone has come to rob me will they be nice enough to knock? I wish I had my scarf this very moment. I would have felt safe.

“Open up, and stop sulking” I heard a mans voice speak, a little muffed up

Ok so how did this voice know that I am sulking, is it in the news already?

“How do u know I am sulking?” if the voice knew the door is not latched, he would come in, so I should keep the voice talking, and call for help. I am not taking chances with a strange voice.

“I know you babe, now stop asking questions, I want to see you, and give you something as well, something that will cheer you up so much that you will end up sitting on my lap”

Will I be sitting on his lap before or after he kills me? Should I ask him this question? No I thought to myself that would give my game plan away. So I treaded my path very carefully, quietly getting down from the bed, I started to search for my cell. Where is this god forsaken cell when you need it?

“What’s taking you so long? You don’t have to get ready on my account” the voice sounded a little smiley now, and a little familiar.

“Just open the door, its never latched” I think that was Ruby or it might even be Appy’s voice from the other end. You can’t even make out the voices behind closed doors. Were they all on my death plan? Did they plan this whole thing? But why would they do that? I asked myself a little sad.

“Oh thanks Rubes”

Ok the voice is coming in, I need to hide. I looked around frantically. And this was the very moment the door opened. Did I want to meet my killer’s eyes? Wait, if I look a little tempting, he might not want to kill me. Time to get the hair right.

“What are you doing?” the voice seemed a little amused.

Rushab, the voice is Rushabs. I thought all excited, and spun around and launched myself in his arms. I am alive.

“If I knew you would have been this happy to see me, I would have come earlier” Rush said, clearly happy with my response cause I am sure he was thought, coming here is his death guarantee.

“Oh you don’t know how happy I am Rush” still not willing to let him go

I had a brush with my near death experience, I wasn’t willing to let go of my knight in shinning armor. I know I am exaggerating. Cause He is without a doubt the reason that I am in this condition in the first place.

After being sure I felt safe, I was willing to let go. Ok time for a little anger, I can’t show him that I am needy.

“You scared me” I said, lightly punching him on the chest. Ooo nice.

“I?? How?” Rushab asked sounding confused.

I told him the whole story, at the end of it, he was practically rolling with laughter. I am glad I can have that effect on him.

“Geez, talk about being over imaginative when not needed” Rush said, still clearly amused.

“Ok now tell me, how come you here?” I wanted to change the topic, ASAP.

“I bought you something” said Rush fetching something from the bag, which I noticed for the first time he was carrying.

He took out something that looked so familiar that I squealed with delight. He was right I was sitting on his lap holding my beloved scarf.


The End

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