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Chapter 1

I have always wanted to write something, so now I got down and actually wanted to pen down my thoughts maybe write a book or a short story, wherever my thoughts lead me to. Starting of with this isn’t related to my real life, its fiction, something for everyone to enjoy. Caution-not meant for children even after parents consent. LOL.

Wow I actually got thru one paragraph thought Fruity all happy.

Funny name I know but cant help it, nothing else was suiting my personality, you all will know what I am talking bout in due course.I always wanted to write something, so the fact that I got to write 4 lines is the reason for the “girl’s night out”. Celebrating the start of my “new” book, with a few close friends was a good enough reason to get drunk.

As evidently clear, we don’t need reasons like “I am engaged” to get drunk we need these small things in life to celebrate, and I am not joking. As it happened one of our close friend got engaged, so instead of celebrating that and the fact that she will no longer be single we preferred to go to the church, commit to our sins, ask for forgiveness and to check out the new priest. You see we had heard in passing, the new priest was supposed to be brad’s replica so we thought what better chance than this.

To sum up the priest’s story none of the girls got him as he already had jenn’s replica, so one of the girls in our group got a very cliché thought, the only way for her to score brad was to get nose and boobs like Angelina, not the face thou, you see she already thought she was scarlet. And let me add, she thought and we dint play any role for her to think like that at all. She was born with an eye sight problem as well as a brain defect. Oh yeah the girl we are talking bout is Jewels, concluding this story she doesn’t live up to her name.


Fruity, Jewels, Appy and Ruby. Friends since school, they all changed there names according to numerology, as of now they themselves have forgotten what there real names are.

Appy was the one who claimed to have found her prefect guy, and why I am emphasizing on the word “claim” is because if you will see him you would want to turn lesbian or gay whichever sex is looking at him and from which angle. He comes in this miserable small package, not balding yet but we all have bet 6 months on his balding condition. Not that his hair looks that it’s going to go anywhere but everything seems to be going against him so hmm why leave out the hair I ask.

Appy met him when she was at the fortune teller, now she is someone beautiful, timid, paranoid and a little smart. Yes I asked her the same question, why would someone like her, who had everything going for her go to someone who fakes peoples future and make’s them believe that there past was exactly what she is saying. Anyway moving on, she goes there to ask her when she will meet her “perfect guy”. Seeing how desperate Appy was in believing the fortune lady, she takes advantage of the situation and sets poor little Appy up with her good for nothing son aka Appys fiancé aka Tony. Enter Tony.


Ruby says, I quote “the day I meet a guy, will be the day I will lose my virginity and die” and let me explain this sentence to you. Ruby values her life more than anything, she knows, rightfully so that she is god’s gift to earth. And she doesn’t want to spoil the gift for anyone, she doesn’t like anything that pollutes her body excluding smoking and drinking, and she feels a guy will pollute her body. Hence this is the quote to help you people understand Ruby better.

We always knew Ruby was a little different than us, she liked studying, she was quite smart thinking wise. After she graduated she took up business studies. Did really well in that, but after she passed out from there she never took up any job. Whenever we asked her, she just shrugged and said “soon”. The soon never came, later we just stopped asking.


After explaining all my friends to you, I am sure you all will agree with me that I am the sanest of the lot. Not that I don’t have issues, I am loaded with them, but they are nothing compared to there issues. I have got normal issues like, becoming moody when my friends are visiting me, and no not friends friends but my period friends as in chums for all of those who are still having difficulty understanding. I have a temper problem as in I don’t get angry at all, never, it just doesn’t happen for me, what’s angry? Ok you got me, just kidding, hahaha, LOL. I have a major temper problem, I get angry like any other normal person, and sometimes I can be the queen of angriness. I love meeting my very sane boyfriend, we complement each other on being sane, that’s the only thing we have in common and that’s where our similarities END. When we meet after our usual hello kiss we find something to fight about, and the whole time we are with each other we fight, the minute we are apart we realize our love for each other, ands that’s when the mushiness starts. Oh well I am romantic after all*I bat my eyelids*

Been together a year now, and I still haven’t lost my virginity. Before you all start getting any ideas as in if he’s handicapped in that area my answer is a big flat NO. I can proudly state that he’s very well equipped, the culprit is me, it’s me!!! I know hard for me to believe it as well, but it’s true. I got issues. MAJOR. I am scared. No not of getting pregnant, hello!! We are educated and in the 21st century but pain remains the same right. I have heard its excruciating, it’s even worse than the prisoners getting tortured. But above and beyond that the experience is beautiful. It’s just that, the path leading to beautiful is full of demons, thorns, ghost and everything that will be scary and painful. And then say somehow I make it to beautiful it’s after also what counts. Pregnant! Oh well I know what I said earlier, but ok I am not unaware nothing is 100% safe, I am too young and beautiful to have a child. So NO thanks. I am worth waiting for you see, and magically my darling boyfriend also seems to agree, he’s turned a virgin since a year now. Haha.


Before you all start thinking that all we are about is guys and virginity I want to take a minute to say this, so please feel what I am saying. “We are not”. Yes these 3 words should say it all, I don’t like to brag any more.


The four of us always wanted to do something spectacular with our lives. The big question was WHAT? And even bigger than that was WHERE? WHEN? WHY? Our lives were summed up in 4 big W’s. Did you all get it, read it again if you dint. See we are so smart to come up with such brilliant lines. It was just a matter of time, the 4 of us could feel it at the same time, so it must, must mean something. It all started one fine day, our journey, this was the day Jewels decided to put her brains to some use. God help us! Yeah too late, we should have thought of god helping us when Jewels was busy dillydallying with her brains, I guess ours was on a day off, so we got down to business.


We put our heels together, yeah I know instead of heels its brains but as I said we like unique lines, opps wait a second my bad, I haven’t mentioned this before “we like using unique lines”

Moving on, Jewel come’s up with this brilliant plan and we put our heels together and heel storm her idea. Now I haven’t mentioned this before but we live in India in this really beautiful city called Mumbai and in Mumbai we live in this really beautiful place called Colaba. To elaborate some more, Colaba comes under South Mumbai famously known as the “snob area” and then the other half is known as the suburbs. I don’t agree with this title that is bestowed upon our people, we might be a bit snooty, bitchy and hot. Ignore everyone who we think are supposed to be ignored our clothes spectacular, heels comprise of a very important part of our ward-robe and make-up is also essential but not our everyday ritual cause you see, makeup highlights your best features and hides your flaws but we are already gifted, highlighted and flawless so we don’t need any more pampering. We don’t like giving complex to everyone around us, after all we need to live in a society and can’t be thrown out for our good looks and hot bods.

So I couldn’t ever guess why we are known as the “snobs”, we can be very nice when needed and friendly when we need to get discounts. It makes my heart bleed when people don’t appreciate our friendliness. And then they call us snobs. Look who’s talking!


Coming back to jewels idea

“I think we need a nice long vacation” jewels exclaimed

“Wait a minute dint we just come back from a vacation, I still have my tan, look” says Ruby pointing at her cleavage.

Now Ruby can afford to get a tan because she is white but the rest of us are a perfect brown. The true Indian colour.

“Yeah I know, you think I am stupid”

Ok now that’s a question Jewel should never ask us, how much longer can we hide the truth from her. YES!!!

“Hmm” I said butting in “sounds nice, but the 2 of us are little broke Jewels”

Appy and I were poverty stricken. Ok it’s not as bad as it sounds. In short, we wanted to be independent to make it even shorter we dint want our parents to help us out financially, except help us out with the house rent and pay a few bills here and there. We wanted to rough up our lives, we even invested in sport shoes.

“I know that, I have thought of everything”

Wow I thought, how long would that have taken? Laughing in my head I tried my dammest to pay attention to what Jewels was saying, this was her moment, our little girl was growing up. Sniff.

“I think for a few months we should move out of India, go to Hawaii or Texas, get a job on the beach, check out some cute hunks while working, invest in some nice bikinis” Jewels finished it of in one sentence, all smiles. We dint have the heart to tell her that Texas is a dry dessert and that you will be lucky if u don’t get burnt and even luckier if you spot a cute looking guy in a 500 mile radius.

Ignoring Texas I concentrated on Hawaii “sounds good Jewels, we can have fun, work and earn money”

Ruby was also looking pretty satisfied, Appy looked a bit concerned.

“What’s up Appy, you don’t like the idea?” I asked

“No, no the idea’s nice” Appy said after a while “but I am just thinking about Tony, how can I leave him?”

“Oh god, he’s anyway not worth it. What do you see in him Appy? How blind are you” Ruby exclaimed a little harshly

A little irritated “everything is not about looks Ruby”

“You are right, everything is not, but that guy is also useless and worthless”

“Oh and you know a lot about guys, Ms I am too perfect for anyone, I have not asked for your opinion, nor do I value it, if you cant respect Tony at least respect our friendship and stuff it” saying this Appy stormed away into her room

Ruby looked a little shocked, we all were too in a way, I was having difficulty closing my mouth even, because Appy was the last person we ever expected an out burst from.

Not saying a word, all of us lost in the world of shock retired to our individual rooms.


The 4 of us lived together, each having our own rooms, sometimes it’s a blessing and sometimes its not. Like right now, Appy all hurt and fuming alone in her room. It’s scary. I took advantage of this alone time and called my boyfriend, who by the way is Rushab.

I dint even realize when the call got connected, I really must be lost, god!!

“Heyloo” I hear a women’s voice at the other end

My mind went into a million thoughts, Rushab alone with a girl, WTF, that cheating scoundrel, I wanted to kill him, where is he??

“Where is he?” I asked all irritated. I should have known he was too good to be true.

“Where’s who sweety? Your father?” asked a sweet voice from the other end, hmm it sounded familiar. Oh mother in heaven I had dialed my mothers number. WOW talk bout being lost.

“Oh hey mum, what you doing” now feeling guilty for all the murderous thought that was running in my head for my darling baby, I really do love him I concluded after this moment

“Nothing just packing” said mum totally oblivious to my state

“Oh that’s great mum, where are you going now?”

Mum and dad where going on there 100th honeymoon, I think, I lost track of it when I was born and when I was old enough to understand.

“Oh I don’t know sweetheart, your father’s a very romantic and a naughty man, he’s refusing to tell me where we are going”

“Oh that’s great, I don’t need to know bout dads naughtiness”

“Oh yeah I forgot what a shy girl you are” a hint of mischief in mums voice “so how come you called? Want some money Fruity?”

“No mum, cant I call without needing money, I called to wish u a safe trip, and yeah I might be moving to Hawaii for a few months, nothing is sure as of now, we are still planning the whole trip”

“That’s great” my mother said sounding all excited “you want our Hawaii house keys”

What part of me being “independent” dint my mother understand

“Ah no, we will be taking jobs”

“Taking jobs” mum sounded aghast

You see my mother never had to work in her whole life, so her daughter working was something she dint understand or approved of. She was a little old fashioned in a few things, when the 4 of us decided to live together my mother started to pack her own clothes a little worried about her husband but then she had trained our help really good, so after brushing that thought aside my mum was all packed to move in with us.

“Yeah that’s what normal people do mum, to fend for themselves”

“But you are not normal baby, you don’t need to work for money, your father built up his business, his empire for what?”

“I don’t know mum, for what?” knowing what will come next, my mother loved being melodramatic

“So that his one and only daughter wouldn’t have to work, live with us, and finally settle down. But no she wants to run wild with her friends. I don’t understand Sonia aren’t we good enough for you?”

Wow I heard my real name after so long, it felt good, in a weird sort of way

“Ma its Fruity” I cried out

“I know darling, what a name u choose, never had a fruit in your whole life and ended up becoming fruity, you don’t have a single fruity bone in your body”

I smiled, she dint make sense but then that’s what I love about her.

“Love you mum, I got to go now, oh and yeah if you want u can send me some money, the plane tickets have gotten expensive I heard”

“Hahah, I will do it before I leave, we will be back in 10 days keep me posted and see me before you leave”

“You live 2 floors below me mum, you wont be able to miss me even if I tried” I smiled and rung off.

Talking to mum always left me a little exhausted. I decided to get something to eat. Fueled body has a better mechanism and a much better capacity to think, and that’s what we all needed to do right now. Think!


Shopping always help, we all believe that it lubricates you from inside, sort out all differences because your are smooth from the inside. Well I don’t know about others, it deffently help’s ours. And it’s “us” that matters after all.


“So what do you think?” asked Ruby looking at herself in the mirror wearing a dress which was doing wonders for her curve

“Very sexy” Jewels sighed admiringly, she was always envious of Ruby’s perfectly toned body. Not that she ever told any of us this, but seriously did she think she could get away with that look in her eyes. I don’t think so!

“Ah I know, but not the dress. I asked what do you think about the plan. We doing it or what?”

“Yeah for sure, sounds perfect” I said looking up from the counter.

“Appy?” Ruby asked doubtfully

Appy dint reply for a while, we all waited for her to make up her mind, knowing it might take a while, I decided to check out some heels, just as I was about to walk away


It was so low pitched that it sounded like an insult which starts from W. hmm what can I say W is our thing. But an insult coming from Appy is not happening. I have more chances of seeing an alien, leaving the world with them, living on there planet and having an alien child than getting to hear Appy abuse.

“What?” we all asked in union

“Lets do it, why not, lets do it” Appy just burst out, excited as hell

“Whoa! Apps lower your voice” I saw people giving us this weird look “they might get the wrong idea” I said glancing around embarrassed.

I have a problem, I get embarrassed really fast, cant help it, childhood defect.

“I don’t care Fruits, I am so excited, I spoke to Tony even he only pushed me towards this plan, that’s what’s gotten me even more excited”

“What” Ruby was shocked “Tony gave you his blessings and said go” shock was pouring out of Ruby’s mouth

“Yeah he did, see I told you, you have him figured out all wrong. He wants everything that makes me happy”

I could see that Ruby still dint look convinced

“But the only thing he wants is that, after I come back that’s in 3 months, we should get married”

“Ah” Ruby exclaimed, so that’s what the catch is.

Tony was behind Apps life to get married, for some reason she kept on pushing it. It dawned to us, the only reason he was going ahead with the plan was because he was desperate to get married. Well that doesn’t matter, as long as Appy is coming with us, if only Ruby can keep that disgusting look of her face.

“Well great Apps as long as you know what you are doing” I said

“Of course I do, everything will be great, you will see”

Except Appy everyone looked un-convinced.

The End

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