Even when a story is discovered, there are still gaps to be filled.


It’s curious how interesting a bit of extra marble on a tombstone can make a story.

Headstones themselves can be interesting: among the waist-high markers there might be a family monument in concrete shaped like a tree; or there might be some interesting or familiar names, or there are remarkable dates. These little scraps of information let we the living imagine who these gone before us might have been.

This marker, for instance:
Walter L.Manlove
1883 1915
Gussie Audrey
His Wife
1887 19—

That incomplete date, that little block of extra stone, makes us wonder: What’s the story here with Walter Manlove’s wife?

There is a story here, uncovered en masse through some excellent detective work.

But even though we’ve found Miss Gussie, there’s still some imagining to be done around her story.

The End

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