Chapter 3.6 RevealedMature

“Miss? Are you in there?” A concerned voice rang out from behind the door. Lilac recognized the voice. It was one of the girls that led her here. Lilac quickly cleared her throat.

“I’m here.” There was a sigh of relief. Lilac walked across the room and opened the door. There was the girl, standing there.

“Oh good.” She smiled slightly. “The Awakening Ceremony is starting soon. If you’re ready, we should get going.”

“Awakening Ceremony?” Lilac tilted her head in confusion. “What’s that?”

“Let’s get going first. I’ll tell you on the way.”

“Alright.” Lilac nodded. “One second.”

She retreated back into her room, where she folded up her old clothes and set them neatly on the bedstand. She placed the note from Carl and Tristan in one of her pockets and tidied up the room before stepping back out. “I’m ready now!”

“Perfect. Follow me.” The girl beckoned her forward and Lilac followed her down the hall.

“The Awakening Ceremony is for waking your Chi. Until your Chi is actually released from inside you, it can only show up at critical times.”


“Usually, each person’s Chi takes shape in a physical form.”

“Like an animal?” Lilac’s eye’s lit up at the thought. The girl laughed.

“Unfortunately no. They can only show up in the very basic form of their element. So, for example, my element is light, so my Chi takes shape as a beam of light.” She raised her right hand and revealed a small beam of light. Lilac stared at it dumbfounded.

“Oh wow....” It was the purest beam of light she had ever seen. Lilac could only stared and admire.

But wait, if Chi take form as what they’re suppose to be, then what is my golden Chi?

Lilac pondered for a moment, lost in thought, but she couldn’t figure anything out. Maybe she’ll find out at the ceremony.

“We’re here.”

Lilac looked up.

Oh, all the people she could see.

The End

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