Chapter 3.5 ResurrectionMature

There was this world. The visible world. The world that everyone could see. But if you looked hard, sometimes, you could see a small world underneath all of this. This small world was curious in it’s own ways. But it chose to remain unseen and had to remain unseen. And in that way this was a lonely world to be in.

But if you happened to stumble upon it, it was a lovely world to see.

It was the world of spirits.

“And...” Lilac was somewhat disappointed. There had to be something else other than just being lovely.

“And it’s disappearing.” It told her with a frustrated sigh.


“You don’t understand do you?”

Lilac shook her head.

“We’re the dead.”

“What? you mean you’re a ghost?”

The sprite wrinkled its nose in annoyance.

“You humans can be so ignorant! Who said all dead became ghosts? I already told you that I’m a sprite.”

“So... You’re world is disappearing?”

The sprite nodded.

“What does that mean? That people are coming back to life? That’s crazy!”

The sprite nodded sadly.

“There’s always been a shield that held everything in. It was like a little bubble. You could push against it, it would stretch, but it wouldn’t break. But now there’s a hole in it and it’s disintegrating. And yes, you’re right, people are coming back to life.”

“But... I know that’s terrible, but what does that have to do with me?”

“Because you’re special.” The sprite fluttered up to her face and patted her cheek lightly. “I can just feel it.”

Lilac opened her mouth to ask another question when there was a knock on the door.

“Oh, got to go! I’ll see you later!” The sprite jumped up and fluttered away. One moment it was there, and the next, it was just simply gone.

Disappeared into thin air.

Completely gone.

The End

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