Chapter 3.3 CampMature

The two girls were identically dress, both wearing a light white dress that flowed down to their knees. They were both similar in stature to the women and moved just as gracefully.

“Follow us.” One of them beckoned. Lilac trailed slowly behind them as they moved through the camp.

“Every Chi has it’s unique color and with this color comes and element. Usually Chi differ between different shades of red-orange, blue, white-ish gray, yellow, and green. Each of these colors represent an element. Red-orange for fire, blue for water, white-ish gray fro air, yellow for light and green from earth. At camp, each element gets a house.”

As the girl explained, they arrived at a semicircle of large houses. There were five large ones in the center and a small cabin slightly off to the right. There was a slightly larger meeting house on the other side of the semicircle and a vast plain in the middle scattered with people.

“These are the houses.”

Lilac looked up at them confused for a moment, staring at the small cabin.

“What is the other building for? I thought there were only 5 elements.”

“That one is for the few people that we can’t categorize.”


“You could say that. There are few people who have genetic mutations that cause them to have a Chi that doesn’t match with one of the elements. So they live in there. There are very few of them and it’s very rare.”

“Oh.” Lilac looked at the cabin. She felt that for some reason, her golden Chi was not going to be liked here. The girls led her in the other direction towards the meeting house.

“Until we classify your house, you’ll be living in here.” They led Lilac into the building.

The meeting house wasn’t very big, but it still somehow conveyed a sense of vastness. An openness that could not be consumed. After walking down a neatly decorated hallway, they stopped at a door and Lilac was given a small guest room to settle in. The girls closed the door and let her by herself.

The room was cozy. The walls were painted a pinkish red and the floor carpeted with a thick layer of red fluff that felt extremely soft under her sore feet. There was a simple bed in the corner of the room and a set of neatly folded clothes rested lightly on it. Lilac walked over and saw a small note on it.

I We found you some clothes! Hopefully they fit! :)


 Carol     Tristan   

  Carol          Tristan     CAROL  


The Twins

Lilac couldn’t help but smile as she put down the note. She threw off the wet nightgown and put on the new set of clothes that surprisingly fit her perfectly. Lilac was finally feeling at home after such a tiring day.

The End

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