Chapter 3.1 ArrivalMature

The horse ran like the wind and Lilac arrived at the forest before she had even gotten to say goodbye to the twins. The horse neighed softly and Lilac jumped lightly onto the mossy ground of the forest floor. She stared up at the place in awe.

The forest was absolutely magnificent. Tall burly trees stretched up into the sky and scattered little shadows across forest ground. Birds chirped throughout the forest and the wind danced through the trees, sending soft joyous laughter throughout the forest. Lilac could hear the barest sound of trickling water, something rarely to be heard even in the countryside, where the sound of rough rain beating the ground dominated most of the years.

What in the world...

How could this place still be in existence? Weren’t all the forests demolished? Lilac really couldn’t care less though.

She took a few steps forward, pushing the leaves away, when she felt a small ripple of energy shove her backwards gently, pushing her until she was back at the edge of the forest. Lilac tried again and was once again met with the same force, this time shoved backwards a little less gently. Lilac felt slightly disappointed and confused staring at the forest.

“Lilac!” Lilac twirled around and saw the boys on off Carl the Second and land on the ground in a heap. Tristan scrambled up over Carl. “Did you like Tristan the Second?”


Carl push Tristan off of him and scrambled up.

“Time to go in. They might start getting worried.”

Tristan rolled up and dusted himself off after crawling up.

“We did take really long. Ok, let’s get going!” He set off into the forest with a bright smile. Carl ran in after him, dragging a surprised Lilac along. For the first time it seemed that those two boys didn’t end up in an argument for a perfectly arguable point. Lilac was dragged through the forest and this time the shove didn’t come and they walked swiftly into the depths of the forest.

“We’re back!” They yelled as they stood in a clearing. Suddenly a bright light flashed in front of Lilac’s eyes and she was blinded for a moment. Seconds later when she regained her eyesight, she was no longer standing in the forest but on a worn wooden platform.

“Welcome to camp.” Carl grinned at her. Lilac looked forward and saw a large camp bustling with people. Welcome indeed.

The End

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