Chapter 2.12 Spirit HorsesMature

“You like them?” Carl asked patting one of the horses softly.

“Yeah...” Lilac stared at them. Two majestic horses now filled the once empty space before her. One was the color of pure gold mixed in with the sweetest honey and the sugary softness of the center of a daisy. It seemed to glow and its movements were as fluid and graceful as its beauty. The other was completely silver. It was the purest of the purest white frost mixed with the whitest of the polar ice caps, topped with the light glow of the softest silvery mists. In the end, Lilac could only sum them up with one thought. They were the most beautiful creatures she had ever seen.

“This one’s Carl the Second.” Carl patted the golden horse.

“Carl the Second?” Lilac thought that name was a little dry for such a wonderful creature.

“Yeah. I named him after myself. Isn’t it original?” He gave a proud smile.

“Uh, yeah.” By now Lilac had almost gotten used to the twins’ sporadic and crazy ways. They were good for entertainment, but longer than that and they started to get tiresome. The other Chivians better not be like this too.

“And you forgot to introduce Tristan the Second!” Tristan called out indignantly patting the silver horse.

“Wait. I wasn’t done with Carl the Second yet!”

“But then you’re hogging up all the introduction time! Tristan the Second needs to be introduced too.”

“No I’m not.”

“Yes you are.”

“Am not.”

“Am too.”


“Boys!” Lilac shouted. “Time to get going!”

“Right.” Carl and Tristan both glared at each other before they smiled at Lilac.

“So, uh, who are you gonna ride with?” They both demanded.

“Obviously me.” Tristan didn’t even wait for Lilac to respond.

“Who said so? It’s me.” Carl retorted.

“I’m the better one. Come on.”

“Who went and killed all those guards? ME.”

“That’s because we agreed that it was your turn this time. Duh.”

“So what? I still was the one that did it.”

“I would have too!”

“But you didn’t!”

Lilac watched as the boys argued back and forth. It was really getting tiresome having to stop them every time and she definitely did not like playing the role of a babysitter, especially with the big fat headache she had. She sighed and dragged herself over to the silver horse.

“Why don’t you two ride one horse and I’ll ride the other?” She suggested hopping lightly on Tristan the Second.

“Look. She picked Tristan the Second. Obviously, I’m better.” Tristan whispered to Carl.

“Uh, no.”

Lilac really couldn’t stand this anymore and so she decided that she might as well ride off first. In a flash, Tristan the Second sped off. The boys stared at the receding shadow of the horse before they both started cursing at each other, scrambling on Carl the Second and rode off chasing after Lilac.

The End

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