Chapter 2.11 Goffer’s StoryMature

“Well first off. You have a Chi.”

No duh. Why did you think you were rescuing me for? Lilac rolled her eyes.


“So, do you know about Chi?”

“Uh.. Kind of. Not really.”

“Well, Chi is I supposed you could says a ‘magic’ power. But  it’s not actually magic.”


“There’s more to tell, but I suppose you’d want to know more about Goffer.”

“Yeah.” She did.

“Well. How do I start?” Carl trailed off.

“Lemme do it then.” Tristan barged in.

“You-” He stopped, cut off short by a quick glare from Lilac “can do it then.”

Tristan jumped up eagerly.

“Goffer. Right?”


“Well, starting from the beginning then.” Tristan cleared his throat and then started his tale in a much more solemn and gloomy voice. “Goffer’s parents had Chi. They actually picked him up from the streets, something quite rare indeed. No one knows who his real parents are, but whoever they were, they were really good at sneaking past the government. So he was raised with the Chivians. But unfortunately, while everyone else slowly learned to use their Chi, he was left alone by himself. He was a loner. Grandpa always said he was the only one that have no friends and refused to make any.

“The one friend he had was a girl who went by the name of Marie. They were childhood friends and grew up together until Marie was lead away to training. They slowly forgot about each other and their friendship was broken.

“While everyone else trained and grew stronger, he stayed alone, slowly consumed by his ever rage and jealousy. Eventually, he grew to hate the Chivians and disowned his parents. In the Second Great War, he worked as a spy for the government and was banished after he was found out. Since then, he has tried to destroy Chivians on his own, knowing that the government was too weak to do what he wanted...”

“Oh...” Lilac was stunned. Poor guy.

“So. Did you like my storytelling abilities?” Tristan asked in a much more happier voice. “I practiced.”

“Uh, they’re nice. Could work on adding more detail.”

“Thank you.” Tristan bowed, grinning at Carl.

“Hey!” Carl glared at him. But before they could argue again, their rides finally arrived. Lilac stared at them in awe. They were quite amazing. Really quite amazing.

The End

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