Chapter 2.10 Arguments on the BattlefieldMature

The golden halo pushed everyone back yet somehow managed to avoid the twins. Lilac watched as Goffer’s face twisted into maddening anguish as the golden halo pushed him backwards, sending him flying into the crowd of guards. Trampled and killed. Goffer was never to be seen again.

Lilac panted slightly, resting her head against the wall. She did it! She used her Chi and she killed Goffer. She smiled as she closed her eyes. The world faded slowly from view and Lilac fell to the ground.


Lilac felt a rush of cold water over her and woke up with a start. Two inquisitive pairs of eyes were jammed right in front of her face.

“Oh, thank god! We thought you were dead!” The one of the left exclaimed happily.

“I told you she wasn’t. You wouldn’t believe me.” The other one mumbled.

“Who said so?” The first one replied indignantly.

“I did. Have a problem with that?”

“Yeah. I do. Whaddya gonna do?”

“Oh. So you wanna take it outside huh? I can do that.”

“Yeah sure. But problem here Mr Smarty Pants. We’re outside already.”

“Who cares?”

“I do. Gotta a problem with that?”

Lilac watched that the twins went round and round in circles arguing over the same thing over and over again. It was quite amusing if she didn’t have that terrible headache right now. Her thin nightgown was ripped and wet, sticking sickly against her. She felt so bare and shivered slightly in the light spring wind.

“Uh, boys?” She managed to croak. They both stopped immediately to face her and put on their most innocent smiles. Lilac coughed and blood came out. “I think we should leave.”

“Sounds like a grand plan!” The one on the left jumped over to help her up. “I think we should.”

The other came over on the other side and with some help, Lilac and the twins made their way out of the singed courtyard and over the piles of bodies, until they reached the outside.

“Uh now what?” Lilac asked after the boy set her down.

“I explain what’s going on while we wait for our ride.”

We explain.”

“No, I explain.”

“No, we!”







“Boys!” Lilac shouted weakly. “You can both do it.”

“Ha told you.”

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.


Lilac gave them a glare and they both shut up.

“Well...” There was a long pause. “I’ll start then.”

The End

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