Chapter 2.9 HolesMature

Goffer limped slowly towards the boys, dragging a heavy sword with him. He looked beat up and worn out, yet hatred glowed brightly in his eyes.

“You will pay for this.” He hissed. He raised his sword, about to strike. The boys’ seemed to be blind, being only able to focus on their target, and could not see Goffer standing in front of them. Goffer cackled loudly knowing that victory was within reach. Yet he forgot an important person in the situation. Lilac.

Lilac, hidden in the shadows saw Goffer approach the boys. She saw him raise his sword, yet the boys did not respond. God. Shit. But then she realized how big of a holely planner Goffer was. A really big holey planner. He forgot about her. How dare he.

Upset, pissed and filled with mirth, she ran out of the shadows and threw herself at him, slamming him onto the ground and knocked the sword out of his hand. The blade skidded across the field and landed out of reach.

“No!” Goffer gasped as he realized his mistake, but it was too late. Lilac thrusted a punch in his face with as much strength as she could muster. But Goffer was not to be underestimated. Before Lilac could throw a second one, Goffer threw her backwards like a ragdoll and she slammed into the wall, spraying out a mouthful of blood. Ouch.

“You little bitch.” Goffer growled, crawling up from the ground, wiping the blood off his face. “Didn’t we agree to a plan?”

“I said not anymore.” Lilac managed to reply, glaring at Goffer. He lunged forward at her and Lilac rolled to the side. Goffer flew into the wall and banged his head against it.

“Arghh!” He clawed at the wall trying to wave off the stars dancing around in the his vision. His rabid eyes turned and glared at Lilac. He gave a cat-like growl and shot his arm forward, grasping Lilac’s neck and jammed her against the wall.

“You promised!” He screeched, his bloody fingers were wrapped tightly against her neck and she could feel his grip tightening every moment. The boys' were still in their trance and she had nothing in her reach to use. She was done for it. This was it. The end. No more. But just then a little voice in her head woke up and decidedly forced a word out of her mouth.

Illumatus.” She barely whispered and immediately, a familiar golden halo spread out around her pushing everyone in it’s way back. Hole number 2. Goffer forgot about her chi. And this time, it was a deadly mistake.

The End

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