Chapter 2.8 FireballsMature

Goffer glared at them.

“I thought we agreed on a plan.” He hissed at Lilac. Carl and Tristan both turned and looked at Lilac in surprise. Lilac didn’t respond. Didn’t it all work out? The savers were found, the alarm pulled. What else? It wasn’t her fault his guards couldn’t get hold of them. She was starting to get annoyed with Goffer. Thinking back now, for what reason should she have trusted in him? There were none. He wanted her to betray her own kind. How could she be sure he would keep his word? No. Don’t listen to that man anymore.

“Yes I did agree.” She said. Carl and Tristan’s expression both became dark and dangerous. Betrayal did not feel good. But Lilac was not finished. “But I don’t anymore.”

“What?” Goffer exclaimed, his face turning red. “How dare you-”

“No deal!” Lilac shouted. “I made a mistake and I’m mending it now. NO DEAL.”

The shadows lifted themselves off of Carl and Tristan’s face and they cheered with her.

“You hear that Goffer? She said no deal. Do you need me to explain that to you?” Carl jeered.

“Nah, don’t even worry about explaining, he wouldn’t understand that either.” Tristan laughed with him. Goffer’s face turned redder and redder by the minute. Later, when the tale would be re-told, they would tell how tomato-like his face was, bringing rounds of laughter from the listeners.

Goffer calmed himself down for a second before he spoke up one last time.

“Since you won’t accept a reward, than take pain. Guards, attack and take them away!” He waved at the guards and everyone started charging. Instead of running, Carl and Tristan stood their ground calmly, Lilac standing aside staring at them confused. They winked at Lilac them then link hands, while muttering something quickly.

If was as if time slowed down all of a sudden as the twins lifted their linked hand up in the air. Light started gathering around their fist and a sudden pressure hit the air. Everyone moved forwards sluggishly and some barely at all.

Ignis sphaera!” They shouted. Immediately, the light around their hand exploded and fireballs started launching themselves at the guards.

Screams rang out throughout the courtyard as fireballs exploded on crowds of guards, setting them on fire. The place plunged into chaos as men ran around, setting each other on fire while trying to find water. Lilac stared at the boys nervously. They were still holding hands, the light still there, their eyes wide open, glowing bright with fire. Yet they seemed to cease to see. Out of the chaos, a man forced himself out. His clothes were smoldering, ruffled and dirty. He look angry, very angry. In his hand was a knife, a long long knife and he wasn’t afraid to use it.

Lilac stared at the man. Who was he? Seconds later she realized who it was.


The End

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