Chapter 2.6 The TwinsMature

“Uh, so what now?” Lilac asked Carl, who was standing there staring at the door. He didn’t reply. Lilac waved her hand in front of his face. No response.

“Hello? Anyone home?” Lilac was about to knock on Carl’s head when he broke out of his trance smiling.

“The door’s unlocked now.”

“Huh?” Lilac stared at him confused.

“I said the door’s unlocked.” Carl walked over to the door and twisted to knob. It swung open loosely. In fact it swung open too loosely. The door slammed against the wall and then fell off revealing a busted lock and two harshly broken hinges.

“Hey Tris.” Carl flashed a smile at the figure standing at the doorway.

“Don’t call me that!” The figure walk in, revealing another boy almost identical to Carl. The same puffy hair, piercing red eyes. They even wore matching clothing (though it was less on purpose and more a required uniform for their work). the only difference seemed to be that Carl had his scar on his left shoulder, yet the other’s was on his right. The boy grinned, sticking out his hand.



The boy gave a small bow. “At your service ma'am!”

Carl gave Tristan a light punch in the shoulder.

“I told you to open the door, not kill it.” He glared accusingly.

“Shutup. Why don’t you try it? I wasn’t my fault the hinges needed some oiling. Not my fault either that they decided to jump off the wall. Anyways, what’s so great about that stupid door?”

“Nothing.” Carl grumbled. “But people might hear it slam. In which we’re going to have to put up a fight. Our orders are specially to get her out with the least amount of commotion possible. Slamming doors are not going to help.”

“Neither will loud creaky doors!”

“But at least creaky doors aren’t as loud!”

“Who said so?”

“I did!”

“Since when were you the smart-ass that knew everything?”

“Since now!”

“No you aren’t!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you aren’t!”

“Yes I am!”

“No you aren’t!”

“Yes I am!”

“No-” Carl lunged forward and landed a punch square in Tristan's face.

“Ow! What was that for?” He glared at Carl and punched him right back. Seconds later, the two were on top of each other going all out with their fists while shooting curses at each other. Lilac watched them uncomfortably, until someone else arrived at the door. A guard.

“Uh, guys?” Lilac finally tried to get their attention again. “I think the guards are here.”

The End

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