Chapter 2.5 CarlMature

And this was how Lilac landed in jail. She was dragged into a prison cell and locked there under “tight supervision”. She was set down on the bench of a prison cell (which looked almost too similar the room she woke up in) and then left alone in the silence of the cell. So now she was supposed wait for someone to set her free? And then there was some alarm button that she was supposed to hit and people were supposed to capture her saver and...

Lilac shook her head. The plan wasn’t complicated in any sort of way and she could pick out quite a few holes in it already, but Goffer went over it way too quickly and lost her way too fast. The fact was, Lilac was really starting to question whether Goffer was actually serious (and legit) about what he said. Everything seemed so.. simple in his mind. Lilac herself was no mastermind, but even she could have created a better plan than Goffer's.

“ARGGHHHHHH....” Lilac slammed her fist down on the bench frustrated and then jerked back as pain shot through her arm. Everything was just happening way too quickly. First the Chi, then this. There was no way she was going to be able to resume her old life again. She stared at the ground deep in thought when a noise from above her snapped her out of her dream. She quickly looked up and saw the face of a boy swinging upside down from the single light on the ceiling. His hair was a bright yellowish-orange and his eyes a shocking fiery orange-red.

“Hey.” The boy flashed her a mischievous grin.

“When did you get there?” Lilac stared at him in shock, though she was feeling more embarrassed by that fact that he probably witness her small temper tantrum.

“I saw them lead you towards this room, so I decided to sneak in before they pushed you in.” He flipped himself right side up and now swung on the light bulb, hanging on with his hands. The boy was short and cladded in a loose brown tunic with matching travelers pants and a brown cloak. On his left shoulder was a mark that looked like a teardrop and seemed almost like half of an yin yang sign. It was probably his Chi mark. So part one of the plan was complete. Her saver was here.

“Why are you here?” Lilac demanded. Maybe Goffer already predicted his arrival, but he never explained why someone would come to potentially save her. There seemed to be no particular reason why someone should or would like to save her. Especially this kid right here. She didn’t even know him.

“To save you.” His answer seemed straightforward enough, but Lilac wasn’t satisfied.


“Because that’s what we do.”

“And what do you do?”

“Save people.”

“And why are you saving people?”

“Because that's what I'm supposed to do.”

Lilac groaned in frustration. Obviously she was not going to get any proper answers for any of her questions. The boy swung off the light and landed lightly in front of her.

“I’m Carl.” He stuck his hand out, but Lilac didn't react. She just stared at him. The boy took it back with a little bit of hurt in his eyes.

“Fine be like that.” He grumbled and turned away. Lilac felt a pang of guilt. She didn’t mean to seem mean. She quickly shot out her hand and grabbed the boy’s hand, shaking it hard.

“Lilac.” She said at him with a smile. He returned it with a bigger smile of his own.

“Nice to meet you Lilac.” He gave her a quick salute. “Carl at your service!”

The End

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