Chapter 2.4 OffersMature

The two men in white looked just at surprised at she did. How did this guy get hold of her real name? But moments later, Lilac realized something that quite lessened her surprised.

Of course he knew her name! She obviously went to that school and everyone was in class that day. The only person not dead was her. Obviously if they looked up a list of names, her’s would be on it. And through process of elimination... Well, anyone could figure out what her name was. Did he think he could pull this off and not get revealed?

“So. Lilac.” Goffer put special emphasis on her name. “I assume that you know where you are?”


Mr. Goffer glared at the man in white again.

“I thought we went over this before.”

“No- I mean yes- I mean we did, but we never got to talk to her and...” Before the man in white could finish his sentence, he was thrown into the wall and slumped down on the ground unconscious and spitting blood.

“Now that we have that over, let me tell you why you’re here.” Goffer turned back to face Lilac. He eyed her curiously. “Do you know where you are?”

“No.” Lilac forced herself not to roll her eyes. He just asked her that.

“Well then. Let me explain.” Goffer settled back in his chair. He obviously was not much more comfortable in the metal interrogator chair than she was in the torture chair. “I, or more like we, have been informed that you had a Chi. And as you may know, Chivians are public nuisances and by law must be exterminated by all means.”

“Yes I know that.” Lilac managed to mumble.

“But.” He paused a moment for effect. “We’ve decided that instead of exterminating you, we would give you an offer.”

“What?” Lilac sounded just a disinterested as she looked.

“If you help us find the base camp of the Chivians, we’ll forget that you have a Chi and set you free. In fact we’ll give you rights to access more things than a regular citizen.”

Lilac perked up. Maybe she didn’t care too much for the extra rights, but she really just wanted to go home. Maybe she had a Chi, but that didn’t mean she suddenly had the strong urge to join everyone else who also had one.  The only thing she felt hesitant on was the extermination part. Yes they were taught that Chivians were nuisances and should be avoided at all costs. But who said all of them were bad? She wasn’t bad. At least not to her exent of knowledge.


“Remember.” Goffer cut her off. “If you don’t accept, you will die a long torturous death.”

“Ok. I accept.” Lilac answered quickly. After all, why not? And she didn’t want to die just yet. It felt like a win win. Mr. Goffer smiled at her response, showing off his gleaming white teeth. Lilac shuddered. It reminded her too much of the gunner man.

“Ok." He said leaning in. "Here’s the plan.”

The End

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