Chapter 2.3 InterrogationMature

Lilac was set down not to gently into a hard metal seat bolted tight to the ground. After limping slowly down the hallway, the man called someone to carry her so that they could travel faster. They walked endlessly and Lilac became lost in the amount of turns they made before they stopped at a room.

The room was quite small and looked like an old interrogation room where they would put the criminal in a chair and torture him until he responded. The torture mechanisms were long expired, but it still didn’t feel too good to be thrown into a torture chair. Lilac tried to make herself comfortable in the hard thing, but torture chairs were never made to be comfortable in the first place.

Across from her, sitting behind the desk, were two men. One was also completely cloaked in white, but the other one was dressed quite causally. In fact, a little too casual for such a depressing and drab place.

“Well well well. What do we have here?” The causal one spoke up. He had a nonchalant grin on his face annoyed Lilac so much, she really wanted to just go up and wipe it off his face with a punch. Why did she have that sudden urge towards a man she didn’t even know? She had no idea.

“Mr. Goffer, this was the Chi possessor we found at the school. We are assuming she was the one that caused the attack.” The man in the white suit sitting next to him whispered in his ear a little too loudly. Goffer. What kind of name was that?

“Ahhh... And please tell me, John, what is her name?” The man whispered back in the same volume. Lilac looked at them annoyed. What did they think she was? Deaf?

“Sorry Mr. Goffer, but we haven’t been able to find that out just yet. She just woke up and was found wandering in the hallways.”

“Wander? Didn’t I tell you the make sure she didn’t snoop around?”

“We’re sorry about this. It really shouldn’t have happened.”

“You should just be glad that nothing happened. If this happened again, there will be serious consequences. You hear me? Serious, and I mean serious.” The Goffer guy eyed the man in white with a glint of annoyance.

“Yes sir. We’ll make sure not to do that again.”

Mr. Goffer leaned back in his chair.

“Now that’s more like it.” He turned to face Lilac, who was quite annoyed right now. What was she? Just another experiment? She was no animal. She was not stupid. She could hear their conversation the whole time. She knew what they were talking about. Did they really think that she couldn’t understand human speech or something?

“Now, little girl. Tell me. What is your name?” Mr. Goffer looked at her with the glare of a good person trying to help a lost little girl who refuses to tell him anything. Except it was completely fake. She could see the fakeness screaming at her to the point of annoyance.


“Lily.” She responded. Close enough, but it was not her real name. Better not give this fake man a real name.

“Really? But why have I been told that your name is Lilac?”

The End

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