Chapter 2.2 Metallic BoredomMature

Lilac slowly opened her eyes which seemed to be stuck together by dried tears that caked thickly around her eyes. Her head rang dizzily and the room seemed to spin around her. The wound on her arm and leg were wrapped and bandaged tightly. Her mouth felt dry and tasted strongly of blood.

Lilac seemed to be lying in a bed in a pure white room. She was wearing a white nightgown and her shoes were gone. There was a door on the far left and she couldn’t help but feel a little annoyed by the fact that everything was the left. She tried to rolled off the bed and landed on the ground tangled in her sheets. Her entire body felt sore and just moving sent jolts of pain through her body. She was covered in bruises and cuts.

Lilac slowly pulled herself upright, leaning heavily against the bed. It creaked a little. Lilac forced herself off the help of the bed and dragged herself towards the door. Wherever she was, she needed to get home soon. Lilac landed heavily on the door, grasping the door knob tightly. Walking hurted a lot. She opened the door carefully and sneaked out of the room. This was going to take a really long time.

Outside the white room, the entire place was lined with gray metal, shining dully as if it lost all of its excitement sitting in the boredom of such a monotonous place. Bare fluorescent lights lined the ceiling and casted awkward shadows on the ground from bolts that suck out of the walls in all directions. This place was old. Really old.

Lilac turned left (her most obvious choice now, since she started taking a liking to that direction) and her bare feet padded softly against the cold metal floor. She made her away slowly to the end of the hallway, stopping here and there with catch her breath. The entire place was silent. Too silent.

“Miss, you’re not allowed in that area.” A voice popped up behind her. Lilac jumped in surprised and almost lost her balance, grasping on a window ledge to keep herself upright. Her head felt like a lead ball that just wouldn’t keep upright. So she resigned to tilting her head sideways, resting on her shoulder as she turned to face whoever was standing behind her. A man. Actually, a man covered from head to toe in white. Why was he wearing this? Lilac looked at him confused.

“That area is highly dangerous.” He explained, only partly wiping off the confusion on Lilac’s face. “The authorities are calling to meet you. Will you please follow me this way?” He gestured in the other direction. Lilac looked back at the hallway. She was going to have to find out what was in there later.

The End

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