Chapter 2.1 ScarsMature

Lilac always had that scar on her hand. While everyone else had a little patch somewhere on their skin for their birthmark, her’s was this scar. The scar had always been her little secret and she used to love feeling grown-up as she kept her secret. Because after all, only grownups had secrets. Right? Well, at least to 5 year-old Lilac, this was quite true.

But now Lilac just found this scar annoying. There was a time when people would laugh at her because of her scar. Why? She never understood. What was so special about her scar that everyone found funny? But she could not control or read the thoughts of others. If they laughed at her, then let them laugh. She could ignore them well enough.

No one laughed at her anymore since she started covering her scar with makeup everyday. But the scar never disappeared. It was only hidden. And today, Lilac finally found out why she had that scar. She was not very happy.

“Chi?” Lilac looked at Julie confused. Lilac still felt weak but the golden light seemed to be easing her pain a little.

“Get away from us!” She hissed as she hopped away. Lilac became even more confused. What was happening? Julie stared at her frantically, her eyes full of fright. Lilac continued to stand there. This must be a trap of some sort. Julie growled.

"Why won't you leave!" She screamed. Lilac didn't answer. Julie stared at her for a moment longer before she suddenly pounced at her. “Since you’re not leave, then die!”

Julie flew towards Lilac but before she even got close, the scar sent out a golden beam of light towards Julie and sent her flying backwards screaming in pain. Lilac looked at her hand in surprise. It glowed even brighter as she felt energy gather in her hand. Seconds later, it released a golden halo that spread across the room, pushing everyone backwards. There were a series of high-pitched screams as Lilac saw the demons rise to leave the bodies. She defeated them!

She smiled excitedly as she stared down at her scar, wondering what it was. Did she have some type of superpower? It was a moment later before she realized that the scar on her hand was a Chi mark. And her excitement died down. Anyone with a Chi was marked as a public nuisance and was to be exterminated. Great. Right after she almost got killed by a bunch of weredemons, she finds out she’s a public nuisance. What an amazing day! She sighed as she crawled slowly towards Julie. She was lying on the ground, dead as a rock. A single tear rolled down Lilac's cheek as she cradled Julie in her arms. Silence resumed once again.

“Julie...” She stroked gently at the pale face. Julie was no longer sickly gray but the paleness of death laid heavily over her like a shadow. Lilac hugged Julie tightly. She had been her first and only friend. The only person that didn’t seem to be affected by her stupid scar.

They were 7 when they met....

“Hi. What’s your name?”

That was the first sentence Julie asked her.


“That’s such a pretty name! Isn’t that a type of flower?”

“Yeah. I think so.”

“I wish I could a lilac some time. They must be really pretty.” Julie pouted.

“I live in the country. There are lilacs there.”

“You live in the country? Wow... Can I come visit? I always wanted to go to the country...”

And that was how they met each other. Lilac showed Julie her scar and she found it really cool. Unlike everyone else. Why did everyone hate her scar so much... It made no sense.

A large noise followed by the sound of splintering wood made Lilac look up, just in time to see a shadow standing at the door before she felt something hit her in the back. Lilac hit the ground unconscious.

The End

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