Chapter 1.8 A Chi RevealedMature

There was a sickly crunch and Lilac could feel the blood drip from her nose. It was definitely broken, no doubt about that. Julie threw another punch as her stomach.

“Ughh...” Lilac moaned as she doubled over in pain. Another punch was thrown at her face, knocking her backwards. Her head hit the wall sending stars into her vision. Julie continued to punch her, knocking her back and forth. After an agonizing fifteen minutes, Julie finally stopped, the barest hint of sweat glistened on her forehead. She stared at her work of art before she release another command.

“Let her go.” The two kids let Lilac go and she sank down to the ground, barely conscious. She could taste the blood in her mouth and there were definitely a few broken ribs. She leaned against the wall shaking in pain. She was angry. Angry that her own friend was turned into a man eating monster. Angry that she was going to be eaten by a bunch of demons. Angry that there was no one the save her. Adrenaline rushed through her and her face flushed a little. Julie eyed her curiously. “So, little girl. Have you learned your lesson?”

Lilac glared at her murderously.

“No. I haven’t learned it just yet.” She managed to wheeze out before she lunged at Julie with the little strength she could muster and threw a punch straight into her face. Julie fell back with a shriek as Lilac continued to punch her in a frenzy.

“Get her off me!” She screamed to the surrounding spectators and it was a while before a few pairs of hands reached out and pulled Lilac off Julie. Julie got up looking much more disheveled than before with blood leaking out of her nose. She stared at Lilac with intense hatred for a moment. Suddenly she charged at her and grabbed her by her neck and pushed her backwards until she slammed into the wall once more.

“You little bitch.” She growled. “I would choke you and wring your little neck just like that if it weren’t for the fact that we’re going to eat you.”

Lilac coughed as she tried to breath. Julie’s grip on her tightened and Lilac started feeling faint. The world swam before her eyes and she felt tears starting to well up in her eyes. She was not going to make it through. There was no hope. She was about to let go when a sudden pain jolt her up again. The grasp on her neck loosened and she heard a gasp from everyone. When she opened her eyes again, she saw everyone including Julie stare at her hand. Lilac looked down too and gasped as at what she saw. A scar that had always been on her hand was now glowing. A golden light that seemed to burn the demons.

“Chi... She heard Julie hiss as she backed away. Julie glared at her unable to hide the disappointment and anger of losing her next meal.

“Who are you?”

The End

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