Chapter 1.7 Rips and bitesMature

A fist landed right next to Lilac’s head. Bits and pieces of plaster flew off the wall and large cracks appeared around where the punch landed.

“Thing’s like that. Especially when our prey is trying to sneak away.” Julie’s gaze turned to Lilac, her cat eyes glowed at her sinisterly as she growled revealing sharp cat-like teeth. She turned around to the kids surrounding her. “Feast on my friends.” She cackled as everyone pushed forwards towards Lilac. Lilac scrunched up as far back against the wall as she could, but she could not avoid the inevitable. Kids dashed towards her, mouths open ready to bite. She swung her stick scratching several kids, knocking them backwards. She slammed her stick into two more classmates. She eyed the window to her left. Just so close to freedom....

A growl knocked her back to reality as someone tried tackled her. She ducked and the girl flew into the wall above her, landing on the ground unconscious. Her heart was pounding as she tried to find a way out. Suddenly, she felt teeth sink into her leg. She shrieked as she pounded at the head with her stick. It ripped away with a mouthful of meat and blood gushed out of the wound. Immediately, Lilac sank to the ground, barely supporting herself on her other leg. She felt weak from pain and the loss of blood. If she didn’t get out soon, she was going to die. More kids ran towards her and she threw herself at them. They all fell, thrashing out at her. She lept up and tried to run towards to window. But her leg gave away. She fell to the ground again.

She felt someone land on her back and was clawing away at her back to get a better grip on her as she tried to crawl away. Lilac flipped over, forcing the person on top of her onto the ground. She now faced the window once again. Lilac climbed up and was about to leap for the window when something grabbed her by her hair. She screamed and struggled to break free as the hand dragged her away from the window.

“It looks like our prey needs some softening up.” A soft voice snarled behind her. “Tough meat is not too good for the digestive system.”

Lilac was thrown against the wall once more, knocking the wind out her as she sprayed out a mouthful of blood. She sank down onto the ground, weak, tired, in pain, and defeated. She looked at Julie.

“If you’re going to kill me. Do it now.” She whispered.

“No no no no. Little girl, we eat our prey fresh. We can’t kill you yet.”

“Then what are you going to do?”

“Soften you up a little. Then we’ll eat you up limb by limb. A slow and painful death.” Julie waved for assistants, “Pin her up. We’re going teach our little friend a lesson.”

Two kids walked out and pinned Lilac against the wall. She didn’t have the energy to resist. Julie smiled at her as she cracked her knuckles loudly. “Little girl, here’s a little bit of advice for you. Never try to run from weredemons. You will only die a more slow and painful death.”

She threw out her first punch. It landed straight in the face.

The End

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