Chapter 1.6 DemonsMature

Lilac was backed up against the wall as a swarm of possessed classmates trying to eat her. A girl broke free of the crowd and lunged at her. Lilac quickly whacked her with the spear shaft successfully knocking her out. She slumped down to the ground just as a boy jumped from the other side and sank his teeth into her arm. Lilac screamed. She kicked at the boy until he let got, but took with him a mouthful of skin. Blood slowly trickled down her arm and she shook in pain. She had to get away from them now.

The window was on her left. If only she could find a way to inch over. She stared in that direction and found a small space in the wall of classmates. Not too big but if she could knock down a few of them, she could squeeze through and make a run for it. Lilac focused on her target and charged at him. She body slammed into him causing an unexpected domino effect as everyone behind her lost their balance and fell. This was perfect.

Lilac raced through the fallen classmates, stepping on faces and stomachs, and ran towards the window. Someone clawed at her ankle and she quickly stepped on the hand releasing a scream from down below, but another hand snaked out and grabbed her other ankle, pulling her down to join the others. Lilac tried kicking off the hand but it would not let go. It dragged her backwards over the bodies of the other possessed classmates, all still stunned from their fall. She thrashed out and managed to step on the arm. A loud crack followed by a scream ended the grip on her leg.

She scrambled forward, lept onto a chair and climbed up onto a desk. Everyone was on the ground right now. Height would be to her advantage. She ran through the room leaping from desk to desk, overturning whatever she could to block her classmates from getting to her until she skid to a stop at the last desk before the window. She was out of breath and in pain. She panted as she stopped to assess the window that loomed in front of her. It would be quite a leap, but she needed all the force she could get to break that thing open. She turned around to give the classroom one last look before she closed her eyes as she steadied herself. Her arm was screaming and there was a bloody trail behind her. She took a step back and jumped.

She could feel the air rush past her as she flew towards the window. She braced herself for impact as the glass rushed closer and closer. She squeezed her eyes shut. This was going to be painful. But nothing happened. Suddenly she felt a hand on ankle that grabbed her and dragged her down. She slammed harshly onto the ground. The grip tighten around her ankle and started dragging her back.

No! Lilac could not be dragged back now, not after she had been so close to getting out! Her fingers fumbled for something to grab onto as she tried to slow the dragging. Her arm reached out and she wrapped her fingers solidly around a desk leg. The kid tried to tug her away. She tightened her grip as she felt herself get pulled close to her breaking point. Suddenly she let go and screamed as she lunged at the kid, borrowing the force from his pull to slam him onto the ground. She slapped him with the spear shaft still in her hand. Yet before she could throw herself at the window again, something balled into her at full speed. Lilac was slammed into the wall and the wind knocked out of her. She coughed up some blood.

The thing was still there and when Lilac regained her strength she immediately crawled up again to face her ambusher. A familiar shadow loomed over she. She slowly stood up to face it. It was Julie. Of course.

“Julie.” Lilac whispered. “Wake up! Please! Wake up Julie!”

“Don’t call me that.” Julie hissed. Her voice sounded like a dissonant harmony from a tone-deaf choir. “There is no Julie anymore.” Lilac looked surprised for a moment.

“I thought you couldn’t talk.” She asked, partly to buy time, but partly because she genuinely wanted to know.

“Ha. Only when we are just born. But once we grow accustomed to our host, ahhh.... We can do anything!” She smiled as her cat eyes glowed.

“Like what?” Lilac asked with childlike innocence as she inched slightly to her left. If only she could get to the window again...

The End

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