Chapter 1.3 ShotsMature

The man stood at the doorway speculating on who he should kill first. He looked around the room as everyone pushed as far back into the room as possible. The man’s eyes swept back and forth before he finally grinned. The gun propped on his shoulder was now aimed at the room. Specifically at a boy of the far right. Carl.

The boy’s eyes popped in fright and screamed as he tried to run away. The gun followed him steadily. Then the man shot.

The bullet hit him in the stomach and the boy slumped down writhing in pain. Everyone screamed and the entire room became a frenzy of panic. The man fired more shots hitting every target straight on. Lilac stood there in the frenzy alone with her friend by her side. As long as the gun didn’t come for them, they would be fine.

As the man shot more and more people down, Lilac noticed that the people lying on the ground were unusually calm. None of them were unconscious and all seemed to have... black lines crawling up them? Lilac bent down to look at one of them. What was this? From the area where the bullet penetrated the skin, thin black veins started stretching across the skin. Poison?

“Julie! Look at this!” She tugged at her friend.

“Lilac! What are you doing! We are being fucking shot at by killer and you’re doing a fucking autopsy! We need to get out of here!”

“No but this is important.” Lilac insisted.

“You can show me after that guy leaves the r-” There was a scream and Lilac saw Julie fall to the ground with a bullet now lodged in her shoulder. Lilac lunged forward and barely caught her time time.

“Shit. Shit. Shit. I’ve been shot, Lilac.” Julie barely coughed out before black veins started appearing on her skin too. Immediately, Julie slumped down, conscious but unusually calm.

“Julie!” Lilac tried to get her to respond but Julie only stared at her with empty eyes as the black veins crawled across her skin. “No!”

“Little girl. She’s as good as dead.” A familiar voice glided out behind her. Lilac turned around and saw the gunner’s face. It was the man she saw this morning.

The End

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