Chapter 1.2 PeculiarMature

Three hours earlier...

Lilac was walking on her way to school. It was a clear day and the sun shined down brightly. She was in the city and so there were barely any traces of green. Now if she had been home, she probably could have thrown herself on the hill near her house and just lie in the sunlight. It was rare that the sun shone down like this anymore. She sighed as she continued walking through the city.

Lilac was 15 and short for her age. Most people would probably call her old-fashioned. Like very old fashioned. She hated technology or anything of that form. It wasn’t that she didn’t like the fancy high-tech style of everything, but ever since she was small, technology had a tendency to hate her. So with no other choice, she decided to hate technology back. Lilac was a country girl. While most people decided to live in the tall arching buildings of the city, a few stragglers here and there lived in the country, where it rained 9 months of the year and snowed the other 3. The earth was not always like this.

Many people said it happened many years ago when a calendar prophesied the end of the world. The end never came. Instead, came the second great flood. Just like the first one, the entire world flooded up. This time, nothing remained. Only one small island big enough to fit less than 1 billion people stayed above ground. Everything else was flooded and washed away. Even now, Palceterra was still being eroded away little by little. And the rain won’t stop coming either. In the country, life was miserable. Mud on the ground everyday. Yet when the sun did finally come out, the place was beautiful and made the city look like nothing. Nature was not easily beaten.

Lilac considered herself a nature’s girl. She loved the country and the beautiful green scenes that came with them, even though they were usually in overcast and rain. She loved going out on little adventures, exploring the small forest near her house. It was a very small forest, but it was a forest nonetheless and any forest to Lilac meant adventure.

Lilac had brown hair and glowing hazelnut brown eyes that sparkled when she smiled. Her hair draped down her back in graceful waves and she looked like a much to say dainty and fragile little girl, not that she actually was in any way.

As Lilac walked down the street, she felt something flash by her. She stopped and looked around. She looked alone enough, but she couldn’t hide the feeling in her gut that someone was watching her. She continued to walk forward but the feeling remained. Something was definitely watching her and it was not for a good reason. As she continued to walk forward, she suddenly heard a feline growl and a soft breath on the back of her neck. She shivered.

“Down Kelly. Down.” A smooth voice rang out behind her. Lilac slowly turned around and was faced by a monstrously tall man draped in a dark cloak. He had fiery orange cat eyes that almost seemed to glow like a fire. He smiled at her revealing a set of perfect pearly white teeth. “Sorry. The cats are getting a little out of hand these days.”

He kept walking with his large cat (which was about the size of a tiger) leaving Lilac behind, but the way those eyes stared at her was harshly imprinted into her mind. That man definitely was not just walking his cats.

The End

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