Chapter 1.1 PanicMature

In the future, where only a small plot of land in earth is still above water, a war is raging between a special race of people with cosmic powers and the only country left, Palceterra.
Lilac is sent on a quest with four unlikely friends so save the world from hidden evil, and bring peace with it.

Lilac sat in class staring at the board. The teacher was rambling on about something. Kinetic energy? Whatever it was, Lilac was definitely bored out of her mind from it. She played with her pencil and doodled on her notebook. She was the only person in the room who still used paper and pencil. Everyone else had these fancy high tech looking tablet things that automatically stored everything written down into a small computer chip. She didn’t like those things. There was a miniscule chance that the thing could crash. Something around 1 out of every 3 trillion made would crash and the population of Palceterra was less than 10 million. But there was still a chance it would crash and so Lilac used paper.

Lilac was staring out of the window when she noticed something flit by. An airplane? But usually airplanes only flew around on special occasions. Today wasn’t anything special. Lilac stared at the window. It was definitely an airplane.

“An airplane!” She shouted. Definitely not a good idea. But she shouted and so everyone stopped and looked out the window, just in time to see the cloud to airplanes zooming around the school. A murmur rose in the classroom. The teacher shushed them. But then the PA came on.

“To all students and faculty, we are having an emergency evacuation drill.”

So it was serious then. Immediately, the room bursted into a frenzy of emotions. Some panicked, some looked around curiously, some felt excited. But most of them were scared. The teacher tried to settle everyone down. Lilac sat there watching everyone screaming (but no one actually leaving the room). It was amusing. For such a large school, the emergency practices were absolutely terrible. But there frenzy didn’t last long.

Suddenly the ground shook and a large explosion shook the school. These were bomber planes. The smile was wiped off Lilac’s face as things immediately became much more serious. If they didn’t get out soon, everyone was going to die. But the PA rang again.

“Everyone please stay in your rooms. We have an intruder! Everyone please stay and lock up your rooms! We have an in-” Something sounded in the background and the PA went fuzzy. This got everyone’s attention and immediately the room went silent. No one wanted to get killed. Everyone all jammed as far away from the door as possible as the teacher locked the room. The PA was still buzzing. Everyone stood there tense.

Time dragged on slowly when Lilac heard the sound of footsteps walking down the hallway. They were loud. Someone was definitely showing off their control. The footsteps continued but stopped at their door. There was a desperate look on everyone’s face.


They seemed to scream as the door got busted open. A man stepped in with a gun. They were all going to die.

The End

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