Guns and Roses...??Mature

Here's something I wrote in a time of terrible tragedy. It is basically what I had been feeling at the time as the events unfolded before the shocked eyes of a nation paralysed with fear and disgust.
It's not something that I have shared before and is not a literary piece or story.

What does it take for an educated, civilized person to realize that for years he has been blindfolded by the very system he is proud of, the very system that was praised in his civics class, for being the most effective instrument of social change?

What does it take for a retired couple to realize that the very leader who was supposed to protect and serve them, has scorned them and made a mockery out of their tragedy?

Huge banners and posters are lined up on the streets of every major city awaiting elections, proclaiming a particular political party's failings in handling a faceless, nameless terror that has streaked all faces of this great nation with tears and anguish. What do those banners imply? That the ruling government is of no use? Well, that's true. But another truth is that the party sponsoring the banners is equally inept when it comes to tackling these situations, as has been evident over the years.

It is merely bad luck on the part of the ruling party that they happened to be in power when the ghastly event occurred. Even more unlucky because it happened only a few months before the general elections. People find a way to forget, or haze out, bad memories. But this close to election time, people are going to demand answers to some very, very tough questions. If the government fails to answer these questions, they fail to come back into power.
This is perhaps the most opportune time for all citizens of this nation to demand that the politicians give plausible reasons for all their actions.

Any irresponsibility or insensitivity in replying will definitely spell DOOM, as is evident in some infamous speeches made by some pretty forgetful politicos.

Where bodies are strewn all over a palace of dreams, a very insightful politician manages only to see the "lipstick" that the mourners are wearing. Is the colour of the "lipstick" deeper than blood?

Why is it that such people, who can definitely not be called humans because they have lost all sense of humanity, are allowed to get away with such petty statements?
Why aren't they held accountable?

Why is it that the leader of a million people is allowed to take a "terror tour"  into that same palace of dreams with his "curious" son and his "close friend"? And the audacity of it is that he defends it just as unabashedly on primetime national television.

Why is it that the deputy leader states matter-of-factly that since 5000 people were meant to have been killed, and that since the death toll has not even touched 200, this was just an ordinary incident that may occur in any large township. And goes on to maintain that it was NOT a "total intelligence failure".

Well it appears that the only people whose intelligence seems to be failing is the citizens of this country. Those citizens who believe that the right to vote is the most important weapon that they have, the most powerful way of expressing themselves, the best way of getting themselves heard over the loud political din. The framers of the constitution did us a huge favour by allowing us this right, but wouldn't it have been slightly better if only they had given us a right to choose the candidates for elections as well? What use is this "weapon" when inspite of its use, no results are forthcoming?

What choice do the people have? Re-electing a seemingly powerless government, or bringing an anti-islamic, bloodthirsty pack of mongrels into power in a nation that boasts of its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic fabric?

It seems like the only choice we presently have is to sit on our couches and sofas, switch on the television and watch these filthy creatures fight it out for the most coveted chair in the political sphere.

Or we could alternatively light a candle and march towards where the last explosion shattered countless lives? Or we could sit with roses in our hands infront of our esteemed leaders' palatial bungalows and offices, demanding that they listen to us?

Or we could wear white, or black, or any other colour-themed dress and express our solidarity with those who were the victims of these political games?

Ultimately, what difference will all this make? Will an orphan get back the parents that he lost on his birthday? Or will a father be able to embrace his  young son once more? Or maybe two teenage siblings will again rest peacefully in their mother's lap?

No. None of this will happen. Because that's the way life is. We cannot turn back time. The people that are lost to us will now only be seen in photographs or hazy memories.

But what we can do is demand change.
The only question that remains now is who will be Messiah of Change? Or will it be back to Guns and Roses?

The End

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