I heard my door open, and feet across the floor. It had been about an hour since I had come in here, and I still have silent tear rolling down my cheeks. I felt someone sit on the bed.

*Poke.* Oh God. Not poking. They just poked by hip.

*Poke.* I'm gonna hit em. That one was my arm.

*Poke* *SLAP!* They poked my side, I jolted up, and slapped Colt across the face. He caught my wrist, squeeing it tightly. He was angry.

"I'm...I'm sorry." I whispered. His grip loosened, before tightening again, as he pulled me towards hi, into a bone-crushing embrace.

"You alright?" He asked. "Ahh crap, Night told me not to ask. Great, she's gonna damnwell poison me now, right?" He asked, with a small smile and a roll of the eyes. It made me laugh. I laid my head on his shoulder lightly.

"I'm better. Not great...but not bad either."

The End

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