the past is catching up, Nightshades POVMature

dragged Song away before the others could ask, I knew what she was talking about, how could I not? After all I was there when it happened, I swore never to blab and I’d stuck to it. No matter what I’d never let it happen again.

It wasn't your fault Song, it wasn't.”

But it was...he’s dead....he’s dead!”

That memory still felt fresh in my mind, I hated how weak I was then, and I swore never to repeat the mistakes we'd made then.

“Don't worry it won't happen again, last time was an accident, besides Colt's a completely different matter.” I consoled her, trying to convince myself, as well as her.

“I know, but I’m scared...what if it does...” she murmured.

“It won't, I won't let it ever again.” I wouldn't.

She held my hand as we went to her room it was times like this I remembered her when we were younger, and still innocent, I missed that time so much. After successfully hiding Song away in her room to maul things over I went back down stairs, I was worried, very, very worried when I found the others waiting at the bottom of the stairs.

“Why did she say that?” Colt asked.

“Tell us Belladonna .” Piper demanded. I growled a bit at my first name, why did she call me that!

“Its nothing, its just something that happened a long, long time ago. If you want to know, ask Song later, but not now, she needs to calm down.”

I walked past them and marched towards the library, before closing the door I called out.

“If I catch you asking her, I’ll poison you within the hour!”

With that I slammed the door shut.

The End

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