wager Nightshade's POVMature

I liked Colts plan I liked it a lot, it was so simple in most ways it was stupid we hadn't thought of it before. I agreed with Piper's part, only if her siren side stayed hidden. If it didn't we were in trouble...i didn't like the idea of saving the all the males inside what ever bar we were at. What made me happiest was that Colt saw me as a fighter, most people saw me and thought just because of my dress style and size I’m a little weakling.

After Balisong's little fainting spill we'd carried her (well I had), and changed her into her night clothes (again only me) and left her to sleep off the booze. When she came down I swore I could feel Colts blushes heat. I had to work hard not to laugh.

After hearing Song's little wager, I had to intervene.

 “ I say who ever wins gets to boss the other around for a week, deal?” at this they both turned to me, Colt smiled at me and nodded, while Song looked surprised at first then grinned as well.

“ I can agree to that, lets do it.” he stated, he and Song shook hands, and with that one of their fates was sealed.

The End

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