Waking Up - Balisong's POVMature

I opened my blurry eyes. It seemed I had been moved into my bedroom, after falling unconscious. I sat up, and groaned. I couldn't see how light it was outside, so I just decided to get changed into some more comfortable clothing.

It the end, I managed to stumble downstairs, wearing some black shorts, that were hidden under a large, long-sleeved white shirt.

"Guys, what happ-oh." I moaned, leaning in the doorway. The three looked round at me. Nightshade and Piper gave me a wave, while Colt blushed slightly, clearing his throat. "I forgot there was a guy here. Sorry, a guy other than Ripper." I giggled. It was obvious I hadn't been out for that long, and my brain ws still a little fuzzy. "Nngh..." I groaned, holding my pain. It felt like some great drum someone was bashing. Tripping, I sat down with a plonk on the chair that Colt had just shoved back with his foot to catch me.

"You okay now ?" He asked, a bit of a smirk on his face. Did he find my drunkardness amusing.

"Much obliged." I nodded. "So, heard you talking about the plan." Colt's plan was explained to me, and I grinned widely. "Um...what if something goes wrong, like Piper accidently seduces you, and she can't stop it? Or some gettin' away, and telling on us?" I asked.

"That won't happen. I'm not weak. And you're not exactly gonna some people get away, are you?" Colt said. I scowled. I felt like he was fucking playing me for a fool, now.

"Shall we have ourselves a little bet, Colt?" She asked leaning forward. She knew she'd regret this once she'd sobered up.

"Hmm? What sort of bet?" Colt asked. He didn't seem like the losing type. But neither was I.

"I bet I could kill more tan you. Eiter mucks up the mission, they forfeit to the other. I'll leave the prizes whatsitthingys up to you; you know, if you win, you get this, if I win, I get  that. You get the drill. Deal?" I asked, putting my hand across the table. I wondered if he'd take my bet.

The End

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