Colt: The Bleeding Hearts' AnthemMature

Colt grabbed his Les Paul and started playing some Nirvana songs. He started the chords for Rape Me, because he needed something angry after what had happened all day. Piper's inner siren sort of creeped him out, since it uncovered a weakness that Colt didn't know he had. If the siren was as much a bitch around men as around women, though, he wouldn't have much of a problem staying away. If Balisong were the dangerous one, though, he'd be in trouble. He was tough, but not unbreakable.

He had a new idea for the mission, though, and he had to tell everyone. He gathered everyone in the dining room.

"What is it, Colt? Balisong said.

"I know what we can do for the mission."

"What?" Nightshade said.

"Well, there are ten of them, right?"


"So, they'll need more than one car.My guess is, they'll have three. One set of guys, Piper can stall when they're still at the bar. Another, I'll park up next to and start racing with them. I can take them down while they're still driving. The third will show up at the warehouse with nothing but three or four people. Easy pickings."

"Sounds good. I can handle it," said Piper.

"Me and Night can take the rest of them."

"And I know I got the car I'll take. Do we have a plan?"

The End

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