laughter heals all, Nightshade's povMature

After my out burst and Balisong's rescue, I felt a lot better. I had always believed in pure laughter healing then deepest wounds, and rippers new attitude to the household romance certainly helped, for the next day little letters were found saying;


Song was not a happy bunny, for a while and stayed away from Colt, who seemed oblivious to her embarrassment. Piper laughed with me and helped by making small jokes through out the day, we even tried to get ripper to sing the kissing-in-the-tree song, only this caused Song to chase me around the garden, she didn't blame Piper, saying I was the root to all evil.

After the laughing episode and a talk with Song, I noticed how different I’d become, probably from the killing, but mostly myself.

We decided to try the meeting again only this time ripper was going to help us, hopefully this would help our hopeless gang in forming and actual plan.

We all sat at the dinning table again, and i started the meeting with a casual comment.

"So where do we start?"

The End

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