Teasing -Balisong's POVMature

Nightshade was worried, I knew that. She was always the most organized of the two. Somehow, I miss the old her. The her that would tease me if I even looked at a guy. I left the sleeping Piper in her room, and went over to Nightshade's room.

"Hey, Shadey? You alright?" I asked softly. She looked up, and smiled at me.

"You haven't called me that in years. And yeah. Just stressed. Piper's crazy, we've got a huge mission, and you've got a crush on Colt." She grinned. I blushed.

"I so don't. I've only known him a week!"

"So? You know I have no interest in dating at the minute, but I still know love when I see it. Song has a crush, Song has a crush!" She sang at me. I laughed, hugging her.

"I do think he's kinda cute. And he's a good guitarist." I smiled. I noticed a note on Night's bed behind me. I picked it up, blushed even more, then collapsed laughing. Night picked it up, and fell about laughing too.

On the note, Ripper had written, in big, black, capital letters;


"Ripper, stop iiiit!" I moaned at him. Ripper seemed to be more relaxed than a year before, giving notes all uptight-like.

"My God, I haven't laughed that hard in a while." Nightshade giggled, getting up.

The End

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