after match Nightshade's POVMature

Piper didn't come out for a week, thanks to ripper sending us a home job, we managed to give Piper or 'Sign' the male she needed, we never talked about it again. and  we never saw the man we sent in again.

It was great, really just great. Not only did I have to deal with Balisong's new interest in Colt, also we have to plan and preform the biggest mission yet. But now we had to deal with Piper going insane. Well insane was harsh, we don't know what happened really, Piper didn't want to tell us all the details, and none of us were going to push her. We all worried about it but we couldn't really do much about it

After the incident Song seemed to stick to Piper like glue, never leaving her side. I on the other hand kept an eye on Colt, I was afraid that he'd try another runner. Some how this seemed to rub Song the wrong way. After getting to know his I found Colt to be a lot of fun we both had a taste for soft drink and alcohol mixtures, and both loved a good fight. We were friends that was it, it was obvious that he had a crush on Song, and I had no feeling for him romantically.

The week after the incident we all sat down to talk about the mission.

“ I think we should kill them before they start, that way its easier.” Said Colt.

“ No I think we should take half out first, and half later.” Disagreed Song.

“No we should drug them before.” Argued Piper.

“ We should wait until they're in the vault and ambush them there.” This was my idea.

None of us could agree, the same thing was continuing an hour later. At this point I’d had enough, I stood and walked out of the room.

“Night!” I heard shouted by Song.

I ignored her and went to my room locking the door. In my room was a note.

“calm down, this won't help anyone.” it said.

“so what do you know, we can't do this!” I shouted angrily, I know it was immature, but I didn't care right now.

The End

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