Piper SighMature

Piper stood at a standstill, shaking with fear. Her bottom lip quivered and she looked at Balisong's knife which was pressed hard against her neck.

'Balisong? What the hell are you doing?' Belladonna shouted, pulling her friend off of Piper. Who stared at Belladonna and Balisong who were stood together, away from the man.

Piper swung her giant pipe from her back, flipping it into her hands which were not as feeble as they looked. Balisong and Belladonna and Colt looked at Piper nervously.

'You ugly fuckers, you honestly think I'd let that little virgin out so easily?' She scoffed. Sigh put her lips to the large instrument, blowing gently into the hole.

And then, all of a sudden, something sliced through her leg, Sigh fell to the floor, breathing heavily.

'Insignificant man... only thinking with your dick...' She panted, flopping onto the floor heavily. Colt stood in front of Piper's body with a grim look on his face, he didn't want to do that; but he saw her eyes and they were not the eyes of a gentle, harmless nymph.

Piper coughed, pale blue liquid dribbled from her rosy red lips, spilling onto the floor.

'Colt... it's a colt.. I said to... keep that away from me!' Piper sat up quickly, producing a dark purple flame from her palm, she pressed it to the wound swiftly, 'no colts! I beg of you!' She looked up at Colt with desperate eyes.

'It only kills demons... you don't need to panic.'

'And what is a siren?!' Piper whispered loudly, 'I'm not full nymph, I have tainted blood.'

Piper let out a deep breath and cocked her head, 'I'm going to retire. Mr. Ripper, please lock my door and bring Sigh a man. Not Colt.'

'But Sigh said you weren't aware of her!' Balisong burst out.

'I'm just kind hearted, I may be much more gentle than other creatures, but that does not make me a fool. I've known of my siren side all along.' Piper gave a small smile, patting the wall as she closed the door behind her.



The End

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