Balisong And Song - Balisong's POVMature

Piper was scaring me. It takes a lot to scare me, nowadays, but she truely scared me.

"Piper, calm down." I told her. Piper slapped me hard across my cheek, sending me to the floor.

"Shut your filthy mouth, you little bitch, and get me a fucking man." she growled at me. "And it's Song!" She shrieked. I winced. My sleeping powers didn't work on sirens. The door was closed. The closest man was Colt. But he was in the House. He was one of us now. I wouldn't allow her to harm him.  Stuggling to my feet, I looked at Piper. She glared at me, her eyes becoming more intense by the second.

"I won't." I said firmly. Piper...smiled.

"Fine. If you won't, then I'll get one myself." She said. giving me a quick shove, she opened the door. I screeched, and jumped on the girl's back. She staggered, and the two of us rolled down the stairs, scratching and pulling each other's hair. We stopped. Nightmare and Colt were watching us. Piper picked herself off of me, and started to step towards Colt. I snared, and pulled out my balisong. I wrapped my arm round both of hers, pinning them to her side, and held it to her throat.

"You harm either of them, I swear." I cursed.

"Bali...?" Came a soft voice. Piper was back. "Bali, what happened?" She asked me.

The End

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