Piper Sigh: Sigh.Mature

Piper cocked her head, looking at the bottle of "rum" with wary eyes. This drink smelt potent and not at all like water. She wondered what it would taste like... just a drop, though. It couldn't do that much hard, could it?

It was open and Piper recalled that Colt had mentioned something about a "coke", but she was sure that was just a mysterious, magical word referring to the drink. She took a deep breath and grabbed the bottle.

'Hey... Piper, what are you--?' Belladonna began, she had been staring out of the window, ignoring Piper's sly looks towards the rum.

And Piper, who had never tasted anything to delicious in her life, gulped down the drink happily. It burned the inside of her mouth a little, but in a pleasurable manner, she sighed and grinned at Belladonna, who was sat staring at Piper, not knowing what to do.

'Song! Colt! Piper just downed the rum!' She yelled, the missing pair returned with instruments in hand. And Piper floated up into the air, overjoyed that they also had musical talents.

'Balisong! Balisong! Why does your breathing sound so sad? Why is your musical item giving out such grief?' Piper cried, her words slurred. Her gentle atmosphere had been replaced with a slightly loud, un-Piper-like personality.

'It's... never mind. Piper, you should go back to bed.'

'Bed... what is bed...?' She asked, frowning before flopping head first onto the floor, Balisong caught her just in time; sighing with relief.

'I'll take her.' She murmured, picking Piper up into a princess hold and carrying her to her pool.

Once they entered the room, Piper stirred, she looked up at Balisong with her bright, curious green eyes.

'Balisong... why... I... where's my mother... mother...' Piper stared to sob, Balisong stood next to Piper's pool awkwardly, 'mother... sister... brother... my family... let me see mother...'

'Piper, calm down, your at the House. Your safe here, now go into your pool.' Balisong hushed her, pushing her towards the pool carefully, handling the delicate girl with precaution.

'Bali... my sister. Will you be my sister?' Piper asked she she slipped into the pool, staaring up at Balisong with earnest eyes.

'Oh course... now go to sleep.'

'Who's sleeping you fucker?' Piper growled.

'Pi...per...?' Balisong gawped at Piper, who sat up in the floor, glaring at Balisong.

'No. I'm Sigh, you dick head. Now fuck off, and bring me a man. I'm fucking starving.' Song yelled, her eyes had become slitted and purple, much alike to a snakes.

'Who... what... Piper?'

'No! I'm Song! Piper isn't aware of me yet, but I'm her Siren Self. I wish she'd stop being so fucking naive and give herself up to me! It's awful being cooped up in this virgin of a body. Now bring me a man!'

The End

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