Colt: I'll Drink To ThatMature

Colt was ready for a few more drinks. It was some kind of miracle that he didn't piss anyone off too bad yet-- He was drunk and had a hangover at the same damned time-- but he was getting over it now.

"This way to the kitchen," Piper said, grabbing Colt's hand and pulling him to the kitchen.

"Hold up. If you don't want to seduce a guy, then you don't want to do that."

"Oh. Sorry." She dropped his hand and held her hand straight at her sides the rest of the way to the kitchen. Colt let out a chuckle.

"What do you want, Colt?" Song said.

"I'll take a rum and coke, with the best rum you can find."

"All I see is this." She took out a bottle of Rhum J.M. and set it on the table, on top of a cloth napkin. I dragged it across the table, and something on the bottom scratched against the table. I lifted the napkin and the bottle of rum, and there was another note:

"Now that four have found this home, there is a new job for you. It will be harder than any that you have done prior, and will test all of your skills and abilities. Ten men are going to rob a bank in New York on the 15st of August. You'll need to stop them, and in the process save eleven lives. The bank is at 2nd and 47th, and will not be under heavy guard between 4 and 5 that day, because two of the guards are on paid leave, and another is having a birthday party at the bank itself. The robbers know this. They'll hit the place with an EMP and kill the silent alarms before even thinking about going inside, so the police will be late. These men are only vulnerable the day before. They will head to a warehouse on Atlantic, between Nostrand and Bedford. It'll be dark. If you plan wisely and move accordingly, then you'll all survive and save lives in the process. If one of you fails, however, then you all will die."

Colt put the note down and looked up at the bottle. He got up to get some Coke.

"So, am I going to have to kill people?" Piper asked.

"More likely than not."

"I don't know if I can do it."

"We all can. It's just a matter of what happens afterward." Colt poured the rum and coke, and took a drink.

"What do you mean?"

"Something happens to you, your first kill. Some kind of tie you had to the human world, after you kill a man, it snaps, and all of a sudden, it's like you're faking everything you say or do around other people." Colt took another drink and got up. "I'm going to get my guitar."

Piper looked at the others, not saying anything. 

"It gets better. You have to realize, Colt isn't just a killer. He's an alcoholic. Some of those things are the bottle, not the knife," Balisong said.

"What a poor guy," Nightshade said.

"What, do you want to go up to his room and 'comfort' him?"

"No! Of course not! I mean, he is sort of... you know..."

"You're ridiculous. The first man we see in a year that we don't kill, and-"

"What, do YOU like him?"

"Hey! This is about you!"

Colt opened the door, and walked up the stairs. He pretended like he hadn't heard the whole thing. Apparently, Jack wasn't soundproofed-- Or at least, when he didn't want to be.


The End

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