Piper SighMature

It was much later at night and the yelling, cursing and wall-punching had stopped from the room next to Pipers'. Colt had finally given up on the fact he could get out of the room.

Piper shimmed out of her pool and once again, pulled the water from her body. Balisong and Belladonna were out on a mission for Mr. Ripper, so she decided to pay her new house mate a visit, be he willing or not. Having a man in the house would be good practise for Piper to keep her powers under control and that was something she was eager to learn.

She knocked lightly on the door, 'may I come in, sir?'

'Hmph.' Came a gruff, anger-laced reply. The door swung open and Piper walked in, she spotted the sullen boy who was sat in the corner like a child. Piper pitied his feeble attempt at being moody and sat in front of him; cross legged.

'Please close your legs!' He snapped, Piper looked down at her sitting position.

'But this is how all humans sit.' Piper frowned.

'Yeah, when they're wearing real clothes, not some skimpy underwear with floaty shit on top. You look like a teenage prostitute!' He growled, averting his eyes from Piper's alluring attire.

'I can't help it.'

'Yes you can, wear some real clothes.'

'I can't. I was born with these and it is against nymph law to change from them!' Piper said, a little offended, 'I do not want to fall to the sluggish ways of human dress!'

'Seriously, just go away. I'm not in the mood.' Colt took a deep breath in through his nose and glared Piper.

'Sorry... what is your name?'

Colt stared at Piper for a second, wondering whether she was serious or not; realising she was totally deadpan, he replied, 'Colt.'

'Like the demon hunter gun?' Piper shivered, 'I do not intend to go near one of them ever again!'

'Please just go away.'

'Can you help me learn to not seduce men, please, Colt?' Piper asked bluntly, but with a naive personality like hers, there was no way he could misinterpret the meaning of her words.


The End

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