Headache, Nghtshade's POVMature

I heard the shouting from the library, closing my book, i went to the hall only to see Colt heading down angrily, i stood in front of him.

"Is anything wrong?" I asked.

"Yes there bloody is! you gave me the wrong bathroom, there was a girl there!" he shouted.

Dammit! I hope it wasn't Piper!

"Sorry, i forgot your a boy, just calm down."

"Fuck that how do i look like a girl! Just let me get away from here!"

"Why do that? are you leaving? Get to your room  now, and calm down!"

"Make me!" He shouted. I took that as a challenge.

I grabbed his arms and lifted him in the air, carrying him up the stairs, he was a challenge, but i managed.

"Let me go!" He shouted, trying to struggle, but i held firm.

"No way, not until you calm down!" At this point i was kicking bedroom doors open, trying to find his room, we met the girls along the way. Song was used to my strength, so didn't even blink, Piper on the other hand wasn't. she stood with her mouth wide open.

"Song where's his room?" I asked , ignoring the strange circumstances.

"That one to the left." She answered, i nodded and walked to his room, i chucked him in, and before closing the door said.

"We want you to stay , don't feel unwanted, no matter the start."

 I said this, and locked the door, and whispered to ripper, not to let him out until hes calm, and to keep the windows from breaking. I new he heard me, and did as i said.

The End

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