Piper SighMature

Piper sat up in her pool, she had been sleeping rather soundly until there was arguing, it wasn't loud, but she could feel the tension reverberating through her water and it hurt her head!

She bounced the water from her body and hair, making herself completely dry so she wouldn't tread footprints through the house. Piper placed two fingers on her temples and sighed, this headache wouldn't go away unless she resolved the situation... which she doubted would be easy.

'Balisong, what's going...on...' Piper's sweet voice trailed off as she saw the scene in the place she recalled as the "bathroom" or the "loo". She licked her lips, cocking her head at the man.

'Piper, should you really be around human men right now?' Balisong asked nervously, as the singing whirled around in Pipers head, her siren instincts pounding against the wall Piper had built to keep them out.

'Holy shit... is this girl a stripper or something?!' The young man asked incredulously.

Piper snapped out of her trance like state and returned to her polite one, 'no, sir, I'm a nymph.'

'Oh, right, yeah. A nyyymp.'

'It's "nymph", sir.' Piper corrected him kindly.

'What the hell is this place and why are you dressed in practically no clothes whatsoever, why did that girl have a tail and--'

'Didn't you read the letter?' Balisong snorted, shaking her head.

'Yes, sir, I'm also new to this but I got it fine. This house is Jack the Ripper, we have to go on missions for him. Because you've a weapon on your person and in your name, Mr. Ripper accepted you!' Piper smiled widely, creating a little redness in the boys cheeks.

'Piper, watch it.'

'Sorry,' she turned from Balisong back to the man, 'I'm part siren, so I'd be happy if you were wary around me, I don't know if I'll loose control.' Piper said a little sadly.

'Fuck this, I'm going home!' He yelled rudely and loudly, Piper cringed and covered her ears. She and her delicate body were used to grace and beauty, not crude language and shouting, but she couldn't do anything as he pushed her and Balisong out of the way.

The End

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