A Telling Off From Ripper - Balisong's POVMature

Nightshade and I wandered round, after leaving Piper to her own devices.

"Music, huh?" I murmured. It was cool.

"Yeah. Oh! There's a note from Ripper." She said, pointing to the floor on the landing. I picked it up.

"Unfair, don't you think, Miss Sigh? Unfair to Balisong and Night, who have had to travel around the world, killing, saving, along with the other missions they had to do. Perhaps you will save someone who is meant to die? What then, Miss Sigh? I shall allow you less killings than Nightshade and Balisong, but I shall ask you to kill soon." I read out.

Nightshade looked at me, and I looked at her.

"She asked for less killings? Huh." Night said, shrugging.

"Well, at least Ripper's being nice. He's allowing less killing than us, so that's alright for her. I'll give her the note." I said, going back to her room. I put my head round her door. She stepped away from one of the walls, facing me. "Ripper left you a note. By the way, if it comes to it, I'll kill some of your share, anyway." I smiled. She took the note, and I left.

The End

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