Piper SighMature

Piper trailed after the two girls to a room clad in strange items, like rocks, but soft and they were pleasurable to sit on. She felt happy sitting on something so bouncy.

Piper had lived in the country side, and was previously living in a large lake which was surrounded by trees and bushes and rocks and other nymphs.

But this place was peculiar indeed, it was filled with various objects Piper had never, ever seen before. And these girls were dressed in such odd clothes that covered their whole body, they didn't reveal a single patch of skin in Pipers mind and to her, this is quite strange.

'This is place is very strange.' Piper noted. Glancing around nervously, feeling quite shocked as she saw a reflective item which wasn't water or any liquid. Everything here was out of place, or rather Piper was out of place here.

'So, your another house mate?'

'Yes, I believe so.' Piper nodded.

'Whats your weapon?' The bunches girl asked, Piper looked up, slightly offended by the girls forwardness.

'I don't like to use it.'

'Well, your going to have to if you want to live here.' She huffed.

'My weapon is music.'

'Really?' The black haired girl asked. Piper nodded sullenly, 'thats awesome!'

'I don't think so, I tend to stray away from violent actions. Even though it's in my siren nature.'

'I thought you said you were a nymph?'

'My great grandmother was a siren.'

'Oh... I'm Balisong, by the way. And this is Belladonna.' Said the girl with the surly attitude, jutting her thumb towards the cat child.

'It's very nice to meet you.' Piper smiled, bowing her head, 'but, please, I really do need some where to retire to, I've been travelling for over two months now and I feel very faint.'

'Oh, we can go check out the other rooms, but I don't know...'


'Wow... you do have a room.' Gasped Balisong, staring around the amazing room with awe, 'and it looks... amazing.'

'It looks just like my old home... only a little smaller.' Piper smiled at the nostalgic memory. She had left her lake because she wanted to explore the human world, but she didn't even comprehend that she would stumble across such a wonderful place.

Her room had potted trees, flowers, bushes and various plants, and a built-in bathtub which had been transformed into a makeshift pool of water, with blooming lilies floating around in it.

'Thank you... I accept your gift, Mr. Ripper. But I beg of you, please let me save people over killing them.' Piper whispered, touching a wall when the girls had left her in peace, 'I beg of you, sir. I beg of you...'

The End

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