Piper Sigh - Balisong's POVMature

I had gotten rather rude over the last year, and the way this girl was dressed, she reminded me of a hussy I had met in Italy when we were doing a job for Ripper.

Currently, I was wearing some black bootleg jeans, some black converse, a cherry red vest top, and the leather jacket Ripper had given me a year previous. I cleared my throat.

"Scuse me. I wasn't always this rude. Erm...well, welcome, I'm Balisong, this is my best friend Nightshade, and this is Jack The Ripper." I said, gesturing to the air around me.

"Uh, one, where's Jack, and two, Jack The Ripper?" She asked. She folded her arms.

"Jack, known to us two as Ripper, is the house. And yes, Jack The Ripper. Also, ain't you cold in those...erm...clothes?" I asked, trying to be polite. After a year of it being just me, Nightshade and Ripper, someone like this coming along? It seemed odd.

"I'm fine. So...can you show me to my room?" She asked. I frowned slightly.

"Just find a free room, don't go in mine or Night's, find your way around. Night, guess we gotta stay in. We'll go later." I sighed, before making my way through to the living room. Nightshade walked after me.

The End

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