Piper SighMature

Piper stood outside the house, this place had some sort of aura around it that interested her. She cocked her head and padded toward the front door, her bell-laden feet twinkling as she made her way.

There was a slight creak as the door opened and Piper stuck her head around the door, glancing around.

'Hello?' She called in her soft, angelic voice. It rebounded off the walls and echoed throughout the house in a eerie manner. She decided it was probably best to float her way around from now on, and henceforth lifted her body a few inches off the floor gracefully, her pink, airy clothing seemed to dance around her delicate frame.

Piper was a nymph, and her great grandmother was a siren. So Piper had received seduction powers along with that of bard-like quality. Music was her life and she sang, danced and played the pipe. Her hair was usually entangled with leaves and shrubs of the sorts. To add to this born-seductresses power, she wore provocative clothing of a gentle pink, her "skirt" which hung low on her hips, just above the dark pink hot-pants was see-through and revealed the long stretch of her slender, yet curvy legs. She really was a sight to behold. A creature of pure beauty and absolute chaste.

As she entered the house, the door slammed shut behind her, making her jump in mid-air a little. She spied a small envelope with her name written on in marvellous writing, without a second thought, the naive nymph opened it; instantly signing herself up to live in the possessed house.

She opened the letter quietly, scanning it before reading it again out loud, 'Dear Whoever This May Concern. By the time you read this, I will already be dead, killed by my own hand. You shall not learn my name, or recover my body, for I am melded with this house, my home. In my lifetime, I wanted to rid my country of the scum roaming the streets. I did so, a few times, never caught. Although I am dead, I live on with this house. I hear by promise not to harm any of the residents. I shall let into this house only those with weapon names, and a weapon on their person. The keys you see are special. Each time a new person enters, a new key shall be forged. Keep one key with you at all times, and do not reveal it to anyone else. I shall now use my trade name to sign this...contract. Farewell, Ripper.'

Piper frowned and flinched when she heard footsteps coming towards where she was floating.

'Who are you!?' A girl with white bunches, a style a little alike to Pipers.

'Piper Sigh, ma'am.' She replied.

'Song! There's a weird girl here!' She yelled in a extremely loud voice, making the frail Piper jump with fright.

A girl with jet black hair entered the landing and her eye brows shot upwards.

'And what the fuck are you supposed to be?' She snorted, taking in Pipers skimpy way of dressing.

'I'm a nymph, ma'am. It seems I've been invited to live here.'

The End

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