a year later, Nightshades POVMature

it's been a year since we entered the house, we learned how to live here quickly, everyday we get up and go down stairs, theres always freshly cooked food on the table, we don't ask, we know he did it. clean clothes are left on the beds, one we left in our hampers. we both talk to him, we can't help it, we feel like hes a person.

the work was hard at first, especially the killing, but we adapted, we always do. we're used to it now, go down the hall, find a note, and follow the orders, we do it by instinct now.

"so any work for us today?" i asked song as she sipped coffee, this morning, i'd just walked down from my room.

"no, we get to relax today...but i've been thinking, night?"

"yes?" i asked

"well, you think anyone else will join us, i mean we can't be the only ones who'll be attracted." she looked worried.

"i don't know, maybe one day, and if they do we'll have one more to add to us 3." we often counted ripper as part of the household.

"ok, by the way, i think we need to go shopping..."

i frowned.

"why, what the hell could we need, ripper gets everything?"

she smiled, an evil smile.

"new dresses, we need new dresses, and shoes to match."

i knew the real reason, she wanted to go out and spend some us time, its a rare thing when traveling around the world, killing people and such.

"ok lets go later" i smiled, and sat down to breakfast.

The End

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